List of Environmental Startups in Indonesia

The existence of startups especially Environmental Startups in Indonesia, and even the world, is already common. Generally, they are created as a form of entrepreneurship to provide change and employment opportunities as widely as possible. One area that may be relatively rare is environmental startups.

List of Environmental Startups

List of Environmental Startups in Indonesia

Awareness of global warming in the world today has been felt by society, especially millennials.

The existence of environmental startups is expected to be one way to address this issue. Moreover, in Indonesia, there are already quite a few startups working in the environmental field.

To find out the list of environmental startups in Indonesia, read the following review.


Evoware - List of Environmental Startups in Indonesia

Evoware is a startup that focuses on developing sustainable solutions in the environmental field. Of course, using natural and environmentally friendly materials.

Evoware operates in the production and sale of food and beverage packaging products. All made from natural materials such as seaweed, pandan plants, and sweet potatoes.

The main product of Evoware is food and beverage packaging that can be biodegraded naturally and environmentally friendly.

These packages are made from materials that can degrade quickly. Therefore, it can help reduce plastic waste that is very difficult to decompose.

In addition, Evoware also produces food additives made from seaweed.

For example, dietary fiber, calcium, and omega-3. These additives are not only useful for human health but also help reduce waste in food production.

Evoware has also received many recognitions and awards for the sustainable solutions they offer. In recent years, the company has received many awards from various international institutions, including the UN and MIT.


iGrow - List of Environmental Startups in Indonesia

Next is iGrow, which is also a startup in the environmental field. The company’s main focus is on sustainable agriculture.

iGrow aims to promote organic farming and sustainable farming techniques. Later, it can increase plant productivity and minimize negative impacts on the environment.

iGrow offers various products and services that can help farmers implement sustainable farming techniques. One of the products offered is organic fertilizer.

This product is made from natural materials such as agricultural waste and food waste. This fertilizer can increase soil fertility and improve soil structure. Therefore, it can improve the quality and quantity of crop yields.

iGrow is an Indonesian environmental startup that focuses on sustainable agriculture. They offer products and services to help farmers implement sustainable farming techniques. These services include soil analysis, fertilizer recommendations, the use of natural pesticides, and efficient irrigation techniques.

iGrow also provides training and education for farmers and the community, particularly on the importance of sustainable agriculture and how to implement it effectively. Through the products and services they offer, iGrow hopes to improve environmental conditions and increase the well-being of farmers. By promoting sustainable agriculture, iGrow also contributes to maintaining the sustainability of natural resources, providing long-term benefits to society and the environment.


Mycotech - List of Environmental Startups in Indonesia

Mycotech is an environmental startup that focuses on developing mushroom-based materials to replace conventional materials such as plastic, wood, and leather. The mushroom-based material they developed is called Mycelium Leather.

Mycelium Leather is made by combining wood powder and mushroom powder. The material is then printed and processed to produce products such as wallets, bags, and even raw materials for furniture.

The advantage of Mycelium Leather is its eco-friendliness, as the production process uses organic materials that are easily biodegradable and recyclable. In addition, Mycelium Leather also has the same properties as real leather, making it a more sustainable alternative for the leather industry.

Mycotech also develops other products such as Mycobox, a packaging box made from agricultural waste designed to reduce plastic usage in food packaging. Through its innovative products, Mycotech aims to provide solutions to environmental issues such as the use of non-environmentally friendly materials, agricultural waste, and plastic waste.

Sirtanio Organik Indonesia

Sirtanio - List of Environmental Startups in Indonesia

Sirtanio Organik Indonesia is another environmental startup in Indonesia that focuses on processing organic waste into high-value economic products. The products produced by Sirtanio Organik Indonesia are organic fertilizers, bioactivators, and organic animal feed.

Sirtanio Organik Indonesia uses innovative and eco-friendly technology in processing organic waste such as agricultural waste, food industry waste, and household waste into high-value products. The organic waste processing is done through a fermentation process that utilizes microorganisms to break down organic material into organic fertilizers and bioactivators.

The organic fertilizer produced by Sirtanio Organik Indonesia has high nutrient content and does not contain harmful chemicals. This organic fertilizer can also improve soil quality and agricultural productivity, as well as help reduce environmental pollution caused by organic waste.

Sirtanio Organik Indonesia also produces organic animal feed from organic waste, which has a balanced nutrient content and does not contain harmful chemicals. Therefore, their products are safe for animal consumption and do not leave behind harmful residues.


Wate 4 Change - List of Environmental Startups in Indonesia

Finally, Waste4Change is an environmental startup in Indonesia that focuses on waste and environmental management. They help companies and communities manage waste more efficiently and environmentally friendly.

Waste4Change offers integrated waste collection, processing, and recycling services. They also provide solutions to reduce the use of environmentally hazardous materials. Furthermore, the company also provides consultation and training on good waste management practices.

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Waste4Change was founded in 2014 by M. Fadjar Hutomo and Harry Rahardjo. They have partnered with various companies and organizations in Indonesia, particularly in helping to reduce the negative impact of waste on the environment and human health.

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