Example of Using a Debit Card and Its Advantages For Shopping Transactions

Examples of using a debit card can of course be adjusted to the needs of the users of this card. A debit card, also known as an ATM card, can certainly help every user to carry out daily transaction activities without having to carry cash.

Of course, for this, using an ATM card can save more space and be safe from crimes committed by many people. Apart from that, by using a debit card, of course, is also available later which can be felt by users.

What is an example of using a debit card?

Example of Using a Debit Card and Its Advantages For Shopping Transactions

A debit card is a form of electronic card that has been issued by a bank to support transaction activities carried out electronically. In using this card, of course, it can be used as an alternative option for making payments using cash.

The funds that will be used to carry out these transaction activities are in the form of an ATM card with the source coming from a savings account so that the savings of each customer will decrease if the ATM card is used.

This ATM card also has a personal identification number consisting of a 6-digit number that only the card owner is allowed to know to make transactions more secure and practical.

Benefits of Using a Debit Card

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An example of using a debit card can of course be felt when carrying out transaction activities without having to queue at banking services. As for some of the benefits that can be felt by users of this ATM card for carrying out payment transaction activities are as follows:

1. Avoid the Risk of Crime

When carrying large amounts of cash, of course, there is potential for crime to occur, such as road robbery. This can be avoided by bringing money in the form of a debit card which can later be accessed easily only from the card owner.

So that it can minimize criminal acts for robbery of cash that is usually carried. However, nowadays with the sophistication of technology, many people have the right idea to track ATM cards and make sure that transactions at ATM machines are done carefully.

2. Facilitate Overseas Transactions

For customers who want to use an ATM card or debit card to carry out transactions abroad, of course, this can be done easily and quickly. This is because some types of cards can indeed be used to make money withdrawals or make payments overseas.

3. Facilitate Transaction Activities

In the past, transfers, payments and money withdrawals required that only be done at the bank. However, now every customer is given the freedom to carry out transaction activities anywhere and anytime.

ATM card or debit card users can carry out transaction activities to other people’s accounts using the card provided through the ATM machine of the bank used. In addition, you are also given the convenience of buying goods using only a debit card.

Benefits of Using a Debit Card in Infographic

Benefits of Using a Debit Card in Infographic

Types of Debit Card Usage Examples

In using this debit card, there are types that can be adjusted to the needs of its users. When deciding to make a card, of course, customers will be given offers for several types of cards that have been provided by the bank.

As for the types of debit cards, they have several uses that adjust to their needs as follows:

1. Visa Debit Card

The use of this type of Visa debit card is indeed very popular in Indonesia because almost all online payment systems require cards to use the Visa type. This is of course also very beneficial for customers because the use of this debit card can support transaction activities abroad.

2. MasterCard Debit Card

When using this debit card, it has the MasterCard logo issued by MasterCard Incorporated. In its own use, it can be taken or used to carry out traveling activities abroad according to the needs of each user and almost all banks have accepted this type of card.

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Advantages of Using a Debit Card

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• This example of using a debit card provides convenience for shopping that is more practical because it is enough to swipe the debit card on the EDC machine that has been provided in restaurants, supermarkets or department stores
• The existence of money is not a loan provided by banking services
• Can make payment transactions as needed as long as the balance in the savings account on the debit card is sufficient
• Payment of administration fees is not that big
• Providing other facilities including credit purchases, electricity, and making money transfers
• The money available in the savings account can be withdrawn from the provided ATM card if you need cash.
• Owned savings can move anywhere according to the wishes of the user.
• There are various promo programs and discounts available only by using a debit card for certain banks.
• Provides easy transactions when choosing to shop online.

Disadvantages of Using a Debit Card

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In using a debit card, of course, there are also disadvantages that users need to pay attention to.

Even though there are indeed many advantages that can be felt, of course the use of this debit card can also be considered in supporting transaction activities as needed.

As for some of the shortcomings in using a debit card to support transactions as follows:

• Very vulnerable to crime if the debit card is lost, stolen, or the PIN code is found out by someone else
• Cannot do shopping as needed or carry out transaction activities if it exceeds the available balance in the savings account
• Some banks do not provide enough ATM machines to be distributed throughout the region which will certainly make it difficult for users when they want to withdraw money when needed
• There are very few examples of using a debit card for promos because there aren’t as many promos as using a credit card.

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So, that was how to use a debit card along with its advantages and disadvantages. After reading this article, have you used or are you going to use a debit card?

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