The Most Frequently Used Online Payment System

In today’s digital era, of course, shopping online doesn’t need to be confused anymore because an online payment system is available that makes it easy to carry out transaction activities as needed.

Apart from providing convenience, of course, you only need to access it through the website from home so that online shopping activities become more practical. Because orders can be delivered directly to the desired location.

Of course, this is thanks to the sophistication of technology that makes it possible for every activity with an online payment system to have a very big role in maintaining security in these transactions.

In addition, for business people, of course, this needs to keep up with technological developments so that they can support business operations and offer options for a variety of digital payment methods.

Types of Online Payment Systems

The Most Frequently Used Online Payment System

1. Internet Banking

The availability of internet banking is one of the methods that until now has been widely used by users because it provides convenience in more practical transaction activities.

In applying this method, it can be used in various ways, such as through ATM machines, bank transfers, or mobile banking.

The method applied by internet banking is more hybrid which is still in demand because it tends to be very practical when you want to apply it.

Apart from that, it is also very safe, of course, for the use of ATM machines, more are available in several minimarket outlets that have been spread throughout Indonesia.

2. Credit Card

Using this credit card can support payment transactions with an easier and more practical method without having to carry cash. This payment method is indeed more popular, especially for users who want to make payments in installments.

Apart from that, the advantage of using a credit card for business people is that this credit card can be used to carry out transaction activities, both from within and outside the country.

That way, if you want to reach international customers, of course you don’t need to be confused anymore because activities carried out from credit cards are very effective in supporting these transactions.

3. Online Credit

Online credit is a payment system that is made on credit and results from an innovation in the products of fintech or financial technology companies. There are various types of online credit that offer many advantages from each and can be adapted to the needs of users.

The presence of using online credit is based on the fact that there is a lot of need to make installment payments through e-commerce. Because not everyone can of course make payments in cash and get a credit card.

This type of online credit is more often used in carrying out transaction activities which certainly makes it easier according to the needs of each user.

4. Virtual Accounts

The availability of this virtual account is a digital account which is usually contained in this account with the ID of the customer that has been created by the bank. In making this account, it can indeed be adjusted according to requests for users or entities such as companies.

With the availability of a virtual account, of course, it makes it easy for every user, like when you want to make a payment transaction, because you no longer need confirmation of payment from the seller.

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For users, it is only necessary to pay according to the nominal amount of the invoice to the virtual account number belonging to the seller and the transaction is carried out automatically until it is complete.

5. E-Money

The use of the e-money trend continues to increase very rapidly and is even used as a payment method made online that is of interest to users.

The presence of e-money provides convenience in all types of online shopping transaction activities but is very limited because only a few merchants provide this collaboration.

There are several types of e-money that are well known, such as Shopeepay, OVO, LinkAja, cellphone accounts and so on. One type of payment gateway that has provided a very complete online payment solution will certainly support easier and more practical transaction activities.


One of the digital payment methods, of course, only uses mobile devices to carry out payment transaction activities according to the needs of users. Since 1 January 2020, Bank Indonesia has made it mandatory for all service providers for non-cash payments to provide QRIS.

QRIS is a bridge that can be used by everyone, even business owners who have various payment methods available via bank transfers and e-wallets.

In this case there are two ways that can be done to carry out payment transaction activities by scanning the QR code directly at the store or outlet and for the second method simply by uploading a photo or QR file and the system will automatically scan the data to proceed to the next stage. payment process.

7. Pay Later

In the use of paylater, it is increasingly being applied to several applications by offering an online payment system. The availability of this paylater is actually known as credit without having to use a card as a form of credit facility that can be used in various payments made at digital shops.

The concept of making payments and installments through a paylater is actually not much different from using a credit card and paylaters do not require using a physical card and the registration process itself is also very fast than using a credit card.

This online payment system is of course very beneficial because customers are also given the flexibility to choose the credit tenor as desired and recommendations from the system that has been provided.

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Those are some online payment systems that can be used to support easier and more practical transaction activities. Using an online payment system is of course very beneficial because you no longer need to carry cash to pay for goods or services transactions.

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