List of Renewable Energy Startups in Indonesia

Almost everyone, especially those involved in mining, is aware that fossil energy is limited and running out. Therefore, humans cannot continue to rely on this finite energy source. This has driven the emergence of renewable energy startups around the world, including Indonesia.

Renewable Energy Startups in Indonesia

List of Renewable Energy Startups in Indonesia

The Indonesian government is also making efforts to save the environment for future generations. Renewable energy startups in Indonesia specialize in various fields. To learn about some of these companies, read below.


Erenesia - List of Renewable Energy Startups in Indonesia

The first company on the list is EREnesia, a renewable energy startup in Indonesia committed to accelerating the adoption of renewable energy in the country. They do this by providing affordable and accessible renewable energy solutions for the public.

EREnesia offers various renewable energy products and services such as solar panels, wind turbines, and energy storage systems. The startup also provides installation, maintenance, and monitoring services for renewable energy systems, as well as renewable energy consultation services for companies or the government.

The company focuses on developing sustainable and environmentally friendly renewable energy by taking into account factors such as energy efficiency, operational costs, and system reliability.

EREnesia also aims to raise public awareness about the importance of using renewable energy to protect the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The company is an example of a startup working in the renewable energy sector to address environmental challenges by providing innovative and sustainable solutions.

Khaira Energy

Khaira Energy - List of Renewable Energy Startups in Indonesia

Next on the list is Khaira Energy, a renewable energy startup that aims to provide innovative and sustainable solutions for global energy problems by using the latest technology in the field of renewable energy.

Some of Khaira Energy’s products and services include Energy Storage Systems, Energy Saving Solutions, Renewable Energy Generation Solutions, and Renewable Energy Consultation.

Khaira Energy provides efficient and reliable renewable energy storage systems that allow users to store energy from renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power and use it when needed.

They also provide innovative and sustainable energy-saving solutions to help clients reduce their energy consumption using the latest technology. In addition, they identify areas where energy savings can be made.

For Renewable Energy Generation Solutions, Khaira Energy helps clients develop renewable energy projects such as solar or wind power and ensures that these projects are efficient and reliable.

Khaira Energy also provides consultation services for clients who want to learn more about renewable energy and how to use it effectively. They help clients understand the latest technology in the renewable energy field and provide advice on the best ways to adopt it.

Through their products and services, Khaira Energy aims to reduce dependence on finite fossil energy sources and promote sustainable use of renewable energy.


Replus - List of Renewable Energy Startups in Indonesia

Replus is also one of the startups that focuses on renewable energy in Indonesia. The main goal of Replus is to accelerate the transition to clean energy and increase access to renewable energy in Indonesia.

Replus offers integrated solutions for renewable energy. These solutions include installation and integration of renewable energy systems, such as solar panels, wind turbines, and battery systems.

Replus also provides consulting and planning services for renewable energy, including energy needs analysis, system design, and cost estimation.

In addition, Replus also has another innovative product called SolarTable. This product is a work desk equipped with solar panels that can generate electricity to charge electronic devices such as phones or laptops.

Replus is committed to providing environmentally friendly, sustainable, and affordable renewable energy solutions for the Indonesian community. Through these solutions, Replus hopes to help reduce carbon emissions and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable energy system in Indonesia.

Ailesh Power

Ailesh Power - List of Renewable Energy Startups in Indonesia

For startups in the field of renewable energy that focus on solar power generation, there is Ailesh Power.

This startup is more focused on technology development. The marketing of its new products is used to meet the community’s needs for environmentally friendly and affordable energy.

Some of the flagship products offered by Ailesh Power include solar panels, inverters, batteries, and monitoring systems for households, buildings, and industries. These products are developed using the latest technology to provide higher efficiency and longer durability.

In addition, Ailesh Power also offers renewable energy-based solutions for companies and governments.

This startup can help design, build, and operate large-scale solar power plants, including solar power plants integrated with energy storage systems.

With a focus on technology development and innovation, as well as being supported by experienced and committed teams, Ailesh Power hopes to make a positive contribution to advancing the renewable energy industry in Indonesia and the world.

Weston Energy

Weston Energy - List of Renewable Energy Startups in Indonesia

List of Renewable Energy Startups in Indonesia

This startup was founded in 2018 by a group of energy and technology experts. They want to address environmental and sustainability issues by providing innovative and sustainable solutions.

Weston Energy is more focused on the development of renewable energy technology, especially in the field of solar power generation and wind power generation. They have also developed innovative technology to improve the efficiency and capacity of renewable energy systems.

One of Weston Energy’s flagship products is the integration of renewable energy systems. This allows users to optimize the use of renewable energy sources and improve energy efficiency.

In addition, Weston Energy also develops battery technology that can store energy from renewable energy systems. This way, energy can be available when needed.

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These are the list of renewable energy startups in Indonesia. Hopefully, this information provides benefits.

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