7 Fast Return on Investment Businesses Suitable for Beginners

7 Fast Return on Investment Businesses Suitable for Beginners

Starting a business requires consideration, especially if you are just starting out. Therefore, for novice business owners, there are several interesting fast-return-on-investment businesses to choose from.

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It will be interesting to know what these business lines are. For those of you who are curious, here is a summary of some businesses guaranteed to have a fast return on investment for novice business owners.

1. Franchise Beverage Business with a Modern Twist

7 Fast Return on Investment Businesses Suitable for Beginners

One of the booming businesses today is various franchise businesses that offer a variety of trendy beverages. From milk tea to bubble tea and other flavored drinks. So, if you are just starting out in business, it’s worth considering choosing this fast return on investment business.

The required capital is generally not too large. On the other hand, the targeted consumers are also quite clear. Moreover, if supported by good marketing strategies, the business will be quite well-known and generate significant revenue. Therefore, do not hesitate to choose this type of business as your first business line.

2. Low-Cost Street Food Business

If you have minimal funds and capital, there is no need to be afraid to start a business. Try opening a street food stall with low capital that can be operated by yourself or with the help of others. This business generally requires a relatively small amount of capital, while on the other hand, the business turnover is quite fast, so you can quickly recoup the invested capital.

One often encountered challenge in this business is finding a location to run the business. To minimize the required funds, you can try opening a street food stall in one of your existing assets. For example, in your home yard or near an existing shop or business place. If renting a specific place, make sure the location is strategic and the rental cost is within the budget.

3. Biscuit Business

For those looking for fast return on investment business options, you can try running a biscuit business. Simply find a suitable and delicious biscuit recipe, then accept orders for biscuits for certain occasions. For example, during holidays or as gifts for relatives.

Usually, the capital required is minimal and only needed when there are orders. So, shortly after investing the capital, it will be returned as soon as all orders have been paid. It’s quite simple yet also guaranteed to be profitable.

4. Dropshipping Business

If you want to quickly recover your investment, it’s worth trying dropshipping business. With today’s technology, running such a business is not too difficult because it can also be done online. There are many platforms that can be used, such as social media or e-commerce platforms. So, there’s no need to worry about the business failing or having few customers.

Usually, in the dropshipping business model, you only need to pay for the items ordered by customers to be shipped to them.

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Therefore, business owners don’t need to invest a lot of capital upfront, only when purchases are confirmed. Therefore, this type of business is quite profitable. In a short period of time, the invested funds can be quickly recovered.

5. Motorcycle Steam Washing Business

The increasing population density drives the demand for transportation, including motorcycles for daily transportation. Coupled with limited time and dynamic work life, many motorcycle owners don’t have time to clean their motorcycles regularly. This is where a motorcycle steam washing service comes in handy for busy workers who can’t spare the time.

Therefore, the high demand for this type of business ensures that motorcycle steam washing businesses are considered one of the fast return on investment businesses.

So, it’s suitable for beginner business owners who don’t want to tie up their capital for too long. Moreover, the initial capital required is not too large and quite affordable. As long as you have the right and strategic location, this motorcycle steam washing business will attract customers.

6. Fashion Business

The fashion world often changes rapidly, making the fashion business turnover quite fast. Therefore, if you want to run a fast return on investment business, it’s best to choose a fashion business.

You don’t have to start the business with a large capital, just start with a small capital and a few items. If the business goes well, more capital can be added later. Fast turnover of capital means helping the business grow rapidly.

7. Personal Shopping Service Business (Jastip)

Finally, if you want to try an easy and guaranteed fast return on investment business, then choosing a personal shopping service (Jastip) as one of the options is a good idea. Because this type of business only operates when there are confirmed customers and orders are already in hand.

Moreover, most Jastip businesses require an upfront payment to obtain the goods. Therefore, it can be ensured that the rate of return on investment is quite high.

Often, Jastip businesses are especially popular for those who like to shop for products from abroad. Therefore, it is not surprising that this type of business is thriving and seems profitable or promising for its practitioners. The risk of capital not returning is smaller, and on the other hand, the profits obtained are quite attractive.

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Those are some fast return-on-investment business options suitable for beginners. So, the risk of failure or slow profit can be avoided. If you want to have a business, it’s best to start with one of the business options above. Good luck trying it out!

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