List of Startup Incubators in Indonesia

Startup incubators have a very important role in supporting the development of the technology industry, which is already available in Indonesia.

Many of the large and well-known companies have started from startups that have used incubators.

This is because startup founders must follow incubation programs in order to become successful, and in Indonesia, there are already several startups that use incubators and are ready to develop their startups to become more established.

Incubators have become popular since the 2010s because they have many benefits for startup companies that have a growth mindset.

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What is Startup Incubator?

List of Startup Incubators in Indonesia

An incubator is an organization that can guide newly established companies through various stages of growth until the company has more adequate physical, human, and financial resources.

The function of having an incubator is to be able to incubate new ideas and help new entrepreneurs translate their ideas into more promising businesses.

The idea behind establishing incubators is to create a more ideal environment for startups by developing basic products and building foundations for their business capital.

Like incubators in other countries, startup incubators in Indonesia have provided office space, training, initial investment, mentors, and professional services.

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List of Startup Incubators in Indonesia

Apa Itu dan Daftar Startup Incubator di Indonesia

1. Kolaborasi

This incubator is more famous for its motto HYPER, which stands for High Conviction, youthful spirit, persuasive leadership, entrepreneurial, and rational.

Startups that want to participate in the incubation program at Kolaborasi must embody this motto.

2. Skystar Ventures

Startup Incubators skystar ventures

The Kompas Gramedia group has partnered with the Multimedia Nusantara University to establish a startup incubator in Tangerang.

The focus of this incubator is on products and services related to digital media. This will make it more profitable for startups that have launched their products under this program.

3. Indigo Incubator

Startup Incubators indigo

Indigo is a part of Kolaborasi, and Telkom Indonesia manages it directly. It provides incubation facilities in Yogyakarta and Bandung.

Apart from mentoring, the startups that participate in this program have also been selected for early-stage funding. This makes it more beneficial for them to run their own incubator in the startup world.

4. IDX Incubator

Startup Incubators IDX

The Indonesian Stock Exchange established IDX Incubator in 2017, which enables startups to operate in the digital technology sector.

The incubator provides access to exclusive opportunities with investors and corporations that are listed on the stock exchange.

5. Kibar

Kibar is a partner of Google for Entrepreneurs which operates in Indonesia and regularly conducts incubation programs in collaboration with various institutions.

In 2016, for example, it collaborated with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology to form the National Movement for 1000 Digital Startups incubator, which aims to produce 1000 highly competent startups in the field.

The incubator has also collaborated with Gadjah Mada University, London School of Public Relations, and the Surabaya city government to manage the incubator for startup development.

As a result, it’s not surprising that startups under its incubation program have been able to achieve optimal performance.

6. Merah Putih Incubator

This startup incubator in Indonesia is the brainchild of PT Merah Cipta Media, a digital solution company with a long track record in the startup industry.

Startups that use this incubator in Indonesia have access to investor networks, making it easier to attract investment to other participants in the incubation program.

7. Incubator Teknologi LIPI

The Indonesian Institute of Sciences has also introduced an incubation program for developing entrepreneurs based on technology and innovation.

LIPI provides various facilities to help startups, including assisting in obtaining licenses for their findings.

8. Mandiri Digital Bisnis Incubator

Bank Mandiri has also joined the digital technology world by introducing its own incubator.

Bank Mandiri focuses on financial technology companies that have the potential to produce world-class digital products.

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The Importance of Incubators

Asta Office View

1. Building Networks

Incubators play a crucial role in facilitating business growth, both in the short and long term. By participating in an incubator program, companies can build relationships with other business players to facilitate easier information exchange.

In this regard, everyone has the opportunity to attract investments from both domestic and foreign investors, which will ultimately be beneficial for establishing business partnerships.

2. Cost Savings

The presence of startup incubators provides various needs to meet the requirements of fledgling companies without having to purchase or pay for them.

If there are costs involved, they are relatively lower in nominal value, and discounts may also be available.

Office space rental fees, for instance, can be expensive, often reaching tens of millions of dollars, but they can be accessed through an incubator.

Furthermore, the availability of up-to-date technology-supported work devices is also high.

3. Access to Professional Resources

It is reasonable to assume that startup founders may not fully understand the intricacies of professionalism in the business world.

Incubators can provide access to professional resources that will be useful if founders aspire to make their companies multinational corporations.

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Thus the content about startup incubators in Indonesia. Hopefully, this article is useful for all readers.

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