List of Startups in the Education Sector with Excellent Services

Startups in the field of education in Indonesia are experiencing very rapid development and now education is used as the spearhead with a very important role for every country in order to create a smarter society.

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Over time, of course, the existence of educational startups has emerged in various forms, such as presenting educational content through videos or managing learning systems in schools that utilize applications.

List of Startups in the Education Sector in Indonesia

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So learning, for now, can not only be done through face-to-face meetings in class but can also be done online anytime and anywhere. In Indonesia itself, startups have been established in the field of education that can be selected by adjusting the learning programs needed by students.

1. Ruangguru

Ruangguru - List of Startups in the Education Sector with Excellent Services

This startup in the education sector is certainly no stranger to the ears of the public because it has very often appeared on television or social media as a platform for learning the basics of the school curriculum which has provided lessons through interactive videos with teachers and animations through applications.

Until now, the existence of the application itself has 15 million users to manage 300,000 teachers who have offered their services from more than 100 subject areas.

It can be said that this educational startup is the largest start-up in Indonesia that has received series A funding of 7 digits in dollar terms from venture capital.

The products that have been presented by this application, as well as ups, are of course very varied which of course can also help in preparation for entering college through online tutoring in the face of the SBMPTN.

2. IndonesiaX

IndonesiaX - List of Startups in the Education Sector with Excellent Services

At the same time, this field of education is an online platform that also offers online courses from universities, practitioners, and institutions from various fields so that they can help in educating the nation.

This educational startup has a massive open online course basis, which means it is an online course that has no participant limits and is more easily accessible through its official website, which is definitely more different from Ruangguru because it focuses more on elementary, middle, and high school education.

Apart from that, this application has also collaborated with foreign institutions, including Harvard University, which also has a MOOC base called edX. There are many special categories of coverage including computer science, health, economics, and so on.

3. HarukaEdu / Pintar

Pintar - List of Startups in the Education Sector with Excellent Services

This startup in the education sector that is already available in Indonesia is of course very different from the presence of Ruangguru and IndonesiaX, because this startup focuses more on providing online education for companies, universities, and employees.

The aim of implementing it is to improve the quality of human resources in Indonesia through a more flexible field of education.

From the presence of this startup in the education sector, it has three services including UniEdu for universities, CorporateEdu for companies, and smartia for individuals. This start-up company was also founded in 2013 and is still the most appropriate solution for educational technology for everyone.

Currently, HarukaEdu has rebranded. Previously it had changed to Pintaria, and now uses the name Pintar.

4. Arkademy

Arkademy - List of Startups in the Education Sector with Excellent Services

Arkademy is an online platform that aims to produce more qualified human resources so that in the future they can still gain competitiveness in the world of work by prioritizing the program offered and which is very well known, namely the boot camp program. One of the programs he presents will have several stages that must be passed by the participants including registration, online selection, interviews, and onboarding.

At this boot camp later you can get lots of benefits including experienced mentors, intensive training, friends, and so on. Bootcamp has also been devoted to high school or vocational school children who are indeed going to enter the world of work.

5. Zenius Education

Zenius Education - List of Startups in the Education Sector with Excellent Services

Zenius is an educational startup that has a technology base that tends to target more education levels ranging from elementary, and junior high to high school, of course, Zenius also has a variety of excellent products that participants can later participate in to enjoy a higher quality education. In this case, Zenius’ superior products include the Zenius application,, Zenius Achievement, and the Zenius Center.

In addition, participants can also find various lessons ranging from elementary to high school, which of course can even prepare them so that later it will be easier for them to enter college education by following the various programs that have been presented by Zenius.

Getting the application itself is very easy because you can download it directly through the Google Play Store or App Store by adjusting the smartphone device used.

6. Quipper

Quipper - List of Startups in the Education Sector with Excellent Services

Quipper is an education startup that has been established in 2010 by Fumihiro Yamaguchi it continues to experience significant development and is already in 4 countries including Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, and Mexico.

Quipper also provides free access to the learning management system platform as well as the latest learning materials for students and teachers.

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With the presence of this one application, of course, it also provides a wide selection of services that can be tailored to the needs and presence itself, there are already more than 5 million students registered on the application up to 350,000 teachers have joined Quipper.

Through this application service, of course, you can learn by accessing online classes and doing every assignment online without having to bother anymore.

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Those are some lists of startups in the field of education that are already available in Indonesia for use in getting more in-depth education. With the availability of services, of course, you can adjust your needs to make learning easier and more practical.

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