4 Steps to Open a Business Account for Startup Entrepreneurs

4 Steps to Open a Business Account for Startup Entrepreneurs

Knowing how to open a business account is essential for business owners and managers. However, for those who are just starting a business, this might not be familiar territory.

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Establishing a business account is a crucial step that should not be overlooked. A business account, specifically designed for business owners, is necessary for both individual and corporate entities.

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The process of creating a business account is generally straightforward. Here is a more detailed guide on how to open a business account offline:

1. Start with Personal Identification

4 Steps to Open a Business Account for Startup Entrepreneurs

Creating a business account can be done individually to represent the company. The requirements are minimal and straightforward. Business owners should be aware of the necessary data and prepare it before initiating the account creation.

One essential piece of information needed for opening a bank account is personal identification. Business owners should prepare various identity documents, including their national ID card (KTP). This is a primary identification document for individuals.

It’s not just the KTP that is required for personal identification; other documents such as the Tax Identification Number (NPWP) are also necessary. This is a mandatory document for business owners. Once all the data is prepared, business owners can proceed to open the account, either directly at the bank or with the assistance of bank service providers.

2. Include Trading Business License (SIUP) Documents

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The Trading Business License or “Surat Izin Usaha Perdagangan” (SIUP) is another essential document when opening a business account. This document is owned by every business operator. SIUP is a permit given to entrepreneurs by appointed officials to conduct business.

A Limited Liability Company (PT) is established with the existence of SIUP. Without SIUP, the intended business cannot proceed. Startup entrepreneurs operating PTs may need to understand more about SIUP, especially the process of obtaining it.

Obtaining SIUP is a simple and straightforward process. Business owners just need to visit the trade office, fill out the provided form, and proceed to pay the required fees. After the payment is made, business owners can retrieve their SIUP following the process outlined by the trade office.

3. Include Company Establishment Deed Documents

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In the process of opening a business account, SIUP is not the only document required. Other company documents are also necessary. The document referred to here is the Company Establishment Deed. If SIUP focuses on permitting business activities, the Establishment Deed proves the existence of a business or company.

This document serves as evidence of a business’s establishment. It usually contains information related to the company being run, such as the name of the PT or company and the names of the capital owners. The capital amount for the business is also stated in this document.

Business owners and PT owners should not worry about this document. It is a legally recognized document. Therefore, the account creation process also requires this crucial document. Startup entrepreneurs planning to establish PTs should obtain this document before proceeding to open an account at the bank.

4. Include Articles of Association as Part of Opening a PT Account

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Another document that must be completed or obtained before opening a PT account at the bank is the Articles of Association. Every business or company usually stands on the Articles of Association as a reference.

The creation of Articles of Association generally includes several crucial parts that should not be missed. These parts include the name and position of the PT, the purpose and objectives of the business or company’s activities, the duration of the business, and the required capital. Also included are provisions related to directors, commissioners, and General Meetings of Shareholders (RUPS).

Finally, the creator of the Articles of Association must include provisions on profits and dividends as well as any changes that may occur to the Articles of Association.

By including this document, the process of opening a PT account can proceed without significant obstacles. The account creation process will be more efficient, and the account will be considered complete with the necessary documents.

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The steps outlined above on how to open a business account are expected to provide the best information for entrepreneurs, especially startup entrepreneurs looking to start their businesses. Thanks to this information, business operators who wish to manage their finances can do so more effectively.

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It is advisable to take the initiative to open a PT account promptly. As per the information above, the process is undoubtedly quick. Ultimately, managing business finances can proceed more effectively. Additionally, the finances of the business or company can continue to be managed smoothly.

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