Case Study

How Jack Helps PT Adhimix Precast Indonesia Save 60% of Time in Corporate Cards Issuance

Since using Jack's Corporate Cards, financial management across departments has become more regulated. The flexible expense settings for each card allow for alignment with team needs and company budgets. PT Adhimix PCI Indonesia can streamline the monthly expenditure reconciliation process.

Outcomes Experienced by Adhimix After Utilizing Jack

16 Hours

Saved on working time per week


Saved bank transfer fees per month




Product Used

Corporate Card (Physical)

Corporate Card (Virtual)

Favorite Features

Ease of issuance and setting limits for Corporate Cards according to team needs

Control spending limit for each card

24/7 responsive Customer Service

Dedicated AM (Account Manager)

Elvi Fadilah, Direktur Utama Adhimix PCI Indonesia

"After using Jack, manual financial processes can now be completed in less than 15 minutes. We can directly see the extent of expenses made by cardholders, enabling us to control the budget effectively"

Elvi Fadilah, President Director of PT Adhimix Precast Indonesia


PT Adhimix PCI Indonesia, a private company in the precast concrete industry, has been in operation for nearly 37 years. The company is engaged in the production of ready-mix concrete and precast concrete, and has been a leading contributor to the construction industry in Indonesia. PT Adhimix PCI Indonesia has supplied precast concrete materials for a variety of government, private, domestic, and international projects, including infrastructure, substructure, and high-rise buildings.

With thousands of employees divided into various departments, PT Adhimix PCI Indonesia faces challenges in disorganized financial management that often lead to uncontrolled spending. However, this issue was overcome when the commissioner of PT Adhimix PCI Indonesia introduced Jack, who offered solutions to address the various challenges faced.

Jack provides better transaction flexibility for PT Adhimix PCI Indonesia with Corporate Cards that can be used at various merchants around the world.

Studi Kasus Adhimix

How Jack Helps Adhimix

From Chaos to Controlled Budget

Before utilizing Jack's Corporate Cards, PT Adhimix PCI Indonesia had a manual reimbursement system for financial transaction monitoring. This system sometimes experienced relatively long delays in fund disbursement, while some departments required quick access to funds, such as the need to follow up on an important and urgent project (such as an invitation to a tender clarification meeting in another city, a ticket purchase, a hotel reservation, and other urgent needs). By using Jack's Corporate Cards, these challenges were easier to overcome, as all departments could track spending in detail and in real time, according to the planned budget, via Jack's Dashboard. This allowed for faster reconciliation and review of budget spending plans (budgeting) according to agreed-upon timelines (per month, quarter, or semester).

From Employee's Personal Fund to All Transactions Covered with Jack's Corporate Cards

Previously, employees at PT Adhimix PCI Indonesia often had to use their personal funds for business expenses that were not planned, such as client meetings. This made financial record-keeping difficult due to the mixing of personal and company funds. Jack helped PT Adhimix PCI Indonesia improve their financial management by expediting the issuance of Corporate Cards according to the company's needs, with a ten-fold times faster process compared to traditional banks.

From Limited Card Usage to Transaction Flexibility at All Merchants

Corporate cards from traditional banks often become a challenge when transacting, especially in remote areas. Jack provides better transaction flexibility for PT Adhimix PCI Indonesia with Jack's Corporate Card, which can be easily used without any obstacles. This provides peace of mind and security when the company's team travels to various regions and countries, making Jack's Corporate Card an alternative solution for business transactions for PT Adhimix PCI Indonesia.

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