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Unlocking Efficiency: SHB Agency's 75% Cost Savings and 95% Reduction in Work Hours with Jack

The competitive fees offered by Jack have helped us save up to 75% compared to foreign currency transactions.

Outcomes Experienced by SHB After Utilizing Jack


Saved working time per month


Saved international transaction cost per month

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International Transfer

Favorite Features

Highly competitive and flat fees regardless of the transaction amount

Flexibility to transact anywhere, anytime, even on weekends

Real-time transaction progress reports

Enik Waldkönig, Direktur Utama SHB Agency

"Having experienced the ease of transaction services ourselves, we have confidently recommended Jack to our partners."

Enik Waldkönig, Director of SHB Agency


SHB Agency, also known as PT. Sinar Harapan Bangsa Kita, is an employment agency that connects companies with skilled workers. SHB Agency has partnered with 16 European Union Union countries and facilitated prestigious internship programs in Germany for 2,500 Indonesian students through collaboration with Indonesia's Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology to develop high-quality candidates.

In the past, SHB Agency relied on conventional banks for their international transactions. Unfortunately, these foreign currency transactions took several days to be processed and incurred expensive transaction fees. After exploring different alternatives, SHB Agency eventually found Jack and opted for it due to its efficient service, which satisfy their expectations.

With Jack's flat and competitive fees, SHB Agency no longer needs to worry about expensive fees for international transactions, and very transaction progress can be easily monitored online.

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How Jack Helps SHB

Expensive International Transaction Fee to Highly Competitive Fee

With conventional banks, SHB Agency incurs significant fees whenever they need to perform a transaction. Additionally, monitoring the transaction progress was limited to physically visiting the bank. However, with Jack's flat and competitive fees, SHB Agency no longer needs to worry about expensive fees for international transactions. Plus, every transaction progress can be easily monitored online without the need to visit the bank.

Multiple Days of Transfer Process Reduced to Just One Day

By relying on conventional banks for international payments, SHB Agency had to be patient and wait for the funds to reach the recipient. Foreign exchange transactions were only processed on business days when banks were operational, causing a delay of 3-7 days before the funds reached the recipient. However, now SHB Agency can breathe a sigh of relief, as International Transfer from Jack only take 24 hours for the funds to reach the recipient and can be done anytime, even on weekends.

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