Advantages of Digital Credit Cards Compared to Conventional Ones

Advantages of Digital Credit Cards Compared to Conventional Ones

The advantages of digital credit cards can be felt by users because they don’t need to use a physical credit card that must be carried around everywhere. It’s enough to use a phone to perform transactions, which is very easy.

The availability of digital credit cards has become one of the alternative payment methods that is already favored by the public because it tends to be more practical.

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It’s no wonder that many financial institutions have been competing to present the latest innovations for their credit card products. One of their product offerings is the digital credit card, which is increasingly pampering customers to carry out transactions that are easier and more practical.

Advantages of Digital Credit Cards

Advantages of Digital Credit Cards Compared to Conventional Ones

1. Practical without a Physical Card

Compared to conventional credit cards, many people still imagine the physical card, even though many banks have recently shifted from physical credit cards to digital ones.

However, some still require the physical card, such as the CVV information, and the risk of losing, damaging, or even misplacing the card, which makes the service for conventional credit cards not yet practical.

This is certainly different when using digital credit card services, which certainly do not require the physical presence of the card. Therefore, customers can use credit card services that are more practical without having to worry about the risk of loss or damage.

2. Flexible Usage

The advantage of digital credit cards is that they can be used for shopping or transactions that are flexible because they do not require the physical card like conventional credit cards, which is more convenient for users.

Although conventional credit card services now support the option of topping up digital wallets, they still require input data on various different digital wallet platforms.

These requirements certainly make users feel uncomfortable in providing user data on various platforms. On the other hand, with digital credit card services, you don’t need to enter a lot of information on digital wallet applications or marketplaces, and only one application can connect to all digital payment services and marketplaces.

3. Convenient for Cashless Transactions

The advantage of digital credit cards support cashless transactions, which makes modern lifestyles easier to adapt to and even profitable.

For example, when shopping at the mall using a digital wallet, it’s more practical because you only need to bring your phone, which already has a digital credit card feature that can be used to support transactions by scanning QR codes on EDC machines and others.

Therefore, when choosing to use a credit card, it is important to make sure that the credit card has features that provide ease and sophistication to support the user’s lifestyle and all types of transactions that they want to carry out.

Just like the use of digital credit cards, which still have the function of supporting transactions, even without a physical card, the financial management feature is only through a mobile device.

4. Easier Application Process

It can be said that applying for a conventional credit card is not an easy task as not all banks are willing to take the risk of accepting random customers. Therefore, it is not surprising that applying for a conventional credit card often requires completing several layers of document requirements, making prospective credit card users confused.

Moreover, many banks still apply offline procedures or require face-to-face meetings and feasibility surveys for prospective customers, which is different from applying for digital credit card services.

The use of digital credit cards only requires filling out personal data, uploading a photo of your ID, and taking a selfie holding your ID. The process can be done online anytime and anywhere without the need for face-to-face meetings, making it more practical.

5. Faster Approval

The advantage of digital credit cards is that they do not require many document requirements, and the process is different from applying for conventional credit cards, which takes a lot of time. This is because the bank needs to cross-check the documents submitted by the prospective customer.

Meanwhile, obtaining approval for the use of digital credit cards is considered faster, and it can be used for transactions within a few days only, depending on your needs. Moreover, the document verification process is very systematic because it is supported by an artificial intelligence-based system.

6. Offers Many Attractive Deals

Considering that digital credit cards are a new product, there are various attractive promotional offers provided by the issuing bank for each cardholder. Some of the attractive offers include 0% interest installment payments, discounts, point rewards, and cashback for all types of transactions using digital cards.

7. More Cost-Effective

Usually, credit card users are charged a significant amount of fees for using their cards, such as annual fees that can be credited as a bill for each user every year. It should be noted that the amount is not small, making it quite a burden when using conventional credit cards.

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The advantage of digital credit cards certainly benefits every user because there is no need to think about additional costs. This is because the use of digital credit cards is almost not subject to annual fees, making it more cost-effective.

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