Benefits of BNI Credit Card Based on Offered Facilities

Benefits of BNI Credit Card Based on Offered Facilities

The benefits of a BNI credit card are certainly very advantageous for customers who already have credit cards to support various financial transactions that are easier and more practical.

If you are looking for a credit card that offers many benefits, BNI’s credit card can be the most appropriate reference.

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BNI is one of the strongest state-owned banks in Indonesia and has collaborated with several large merchants to offer promos for its credit cards.

Before applying for a BNI credit card, of course, you must first know what facilities can be obtained when using this credit card.

Benefits of BNI Credit Card

Benefits of BNI Credit Card Based on Offered Facilities

1. Accepted in Indonesia and Abroad

Using BNI credit card is certainly advantageous because anyone can carry out transactions according to their needs without having to worry about transactions in Indonesia or abroad. Therefore, it is not a problem to use a BNI credit card to support various transaction needs.

Almost all types of BNI credit cards are accepted at various merchants in Indonesia. Even its presence is more widely accepted for conducting transactions in various destination countries when traveling.

2. Flexible Bill Payments

The benefit of a BNI credit card offers a bill that does not have to be paid in full in that month. As the owner of the BNI credit card, you can make a payment with a minimum amount of 10% of the monthly bill, which can help avoid late payment interest for the customer in question.

3. BNI Cash Funds

Of course, you can withdraw cash through an ATM using the BNI credit card. In addition, the benefit of a BNI credit card can also support transfer activities according to the credit card limit used.

So in this case, there is no reason to postpone important transaction activities that need to be carried out at that time. This is certainly very beneficial for BNI credit card users because they can carry out transaction activities according to their needs at any time.

4. BNI Bill Payment

Compared to paying just one type of bill, it is certainly more convenient to pay all of your bills at once using BNI credit card. In this case, as a BNI credit card user, you can simply include all of your monthly bills in one statement and make a single payment.

Please note that the administration fee charged to BNI credit card users is IDR 5,000. This is a clear indication that customers can save a lot of money on administration fees.

5. BNI Airport Lounge

The benefits of a BNI credit card are always sought after by people who enjoy traveling abroad. BNI credit card holders are entitled to many benefits, such as free access to executive airport lounges.

In this case, users simply need to show their BNI credit card to the staff on duty in the lounge area. This will give them the freedom to enjoy various facilities provided at the airport.

6. BNI Rewards Points

The benefits of BNI credit cards are very advantageous in supporting various transaction activities carried out by its users. In this case, BNI also provides direct rewards for redeeming points based on the terms and conditions set.

Users can also earn points by making transactions starting from IDR 2,500 and its multiples. The more transactions they make, the more opportunities they have to get attractive rewards.

7. BNI Merchandising

As a BNI credit card user, you no longer need to worry about missing out on attractive promotions offered by the bank. BNI credit card holders will receive up-to-date information on merchants who are currently collaborating with BNI.

BNI frequently collaborates with various places such as cafes, restaurants, and electronic stores that offer special discounts for certain products. This is certainly very beneficial for users as they can earn rewards just by using BNI credit card services.

8. Cash Transfer

Using BNI credit card can also provide benefits for cash transfers, especially when using BNI Visa Gold credit card.

This feature allows users to transfer cash to any bank account in Indonesia when they forget to bring their ATM card but still need to make urgent transactions.

Users do not need to worry anymore as they can transfer money to any bank account in Indonesia according to their needs.

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These are some of the benefits of BNI credit card that can be felt by its users to support their transaction activities that can be done both domestically and internationally, according to their own needs.

With the availability of BNI credit card, users can complete their required transactions and enjoy various additional facilities that provide many benefits for each user.

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