Benefits of BRI Credit Card Based on Offered Facilities

Benefits of BRI Credit Card for Customers Who Use It

The benefits of BRI credit cards can be felt by users in meeting their needs according to the facilities provided by the credit card. The use of BRI credit card is one of the credit cards that has been issued by Bank BRI itself as a flagship product to meet the needs of its customers.

BRI is one of the largest state-owned banks in Indonesia that has provided convenience in supporting transaction activities using BRI credit cards. Not only is the offer of lifelong annual fee exemption given but using BRI credit cards can also be used throughout Indonesia and the world.

Benefits of BRI Credit Card

Benefits of BRI Credit Card Based on Offered Facilities

The benefits that can be felt in using the BRI credit card can be adjusted to the facilities provided for each credit card holder. Thus, it can help the needs of users in supporting various activities to use BRI credit cards.

Some of the benefits of using BRI credit cards according to their needs are as follows:

1. Light Shopping Program

In using BRI credit cards, there are certainly various BRI program options that offer installment interest rates of up to 0%. If there is interest that must be paid, it certainly will not reach a value of 1%.

The availability of this program can be found at various merchants who have collaborated with Bank BRI to provide convenience according to the user’s wishes. With a very light shopping program offer, of course, it provides benefits for every user to be more economical in spending their money.

2. Free Airport Lounge

The benefits of BRI credit cards are certainly no secret anymore if they have provided various facilities for airport lounges. One of them is from state-owned Bank Mandiri which has provided free lounge facilities for those of you who want to travel using airplane transportation facilities.

In this case, you can enjoy it at all airports available in Indonesia just by using BRI credit cards. This advantage is not owned by all credit card users and of course, this is an attractive offer to experience lounges at the airport to provide a new and certainly enjoyable experience.

3. BRI Travel Service

Using BRI credit cards, of course, can also be the most appropriate choice for those of you who like to travel. Bank BRI has provided convenience to provide services in booking tickets, tour packages, and hotels worldwide according to the user’s needs.

With the convenience that is very practical, it makes traveling not too troublesome if you want to travel abroad for a vacation because there is an alternative choice of BRI credit cards. The benefits of BRI credit cards can be the most appropriate solution in solving problems experienced by BRI customers.

4. BRI Point

In conducting transaction activities using BRI credit cards, of course, you can not only get cashback or discounts. However, in this case, you as a BRI credit card user can also earn points that are collected so that they can be exchanged for several other promos later.

If you frequently conduct transaction activities using BRI credit cards, of course, there will be more points accumulated to be exchanged. This is certainly very beneficial for users who want to experience attractive promos from BRI just by having points for transactions carried out.

5. 24-Hour Call Center

When needing help from Bank BRI to overcome certain problems in using a credit card, of course, you can immediately contact the call center that can help 24 hours a day. Whatever time you want to ask for help from BRI, you can directly contact them at 140 15 or 021 1500 012.

The availability of BRI’s customer service will indicate its availability to assist its customers in resolving issues and needs related to the use of BRI credit cards. Therefore, there is no need to worry anymore when there are problems in using BRI credit cards because there is no need to come directly to the branch office to address these issues.

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How to Pay BRI Credit Card Bills

Understanding the Operation of Cross-Border Business Payments and Its Benefits

As is known, BRI network is quite extensive and this certainly provides convenience in paying monthly credit card bills. Customers can choose the following payment methods to pay bills regularly:


In paying BRI credit card bills, customers can use the provided BRI ATM. For this method, simply select the payment menu and enter the card number, which will then lead to the next step in supporting the payment transaction activity.

After completing the transaction for paying the BRI credit card bill, be sure to keep the receipt as proof of payment. The receipt will usually be needed later if there are any issues that arise.

2. Shared and Prima ATMs

BRI credit card users can also make regular bill payments through shared ATMs that have the Prima logo. However, to pay BRI credit card bills through shared ATMs, you must select the transfer menu and enter the BRI bank code, which is 002.

Then add the BRI credit card number currently used by the customer. Using this method incurs a fee of IDR 6,500.

3. Interbank Transfer

If the BRI credit card bill is too large, customers can make payments using bank transfer. In this case, simply transfer the total credit card bill to the account number 0229 01 0 0 0 857 998.

Make sure to include the 16-digit card number on the BRI credit card in the message column when using this transfer method. This will process the payment request for the BRI credit card bill, which will definitely benefit every user of the BRI credit card.

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