What is a Digital Credit Card and Its Advantages

What is a Digital Credit Card and Its Advantages

A digital credit card is a type of credit card that does not require a physical card and can only be accessed through an application, providing convenience as it can be used with just a mobile device.

The presence of digital credit cards nowadays provides ease for every customer to make online transactions without having a physical card.

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Many leading banks have already launched facilities to provide convenience for their customers. Thus, it is not surprising that there are many benefits to using digital credit cards to support various transaction activities.

What is a Digital Credit Card?

What is a Digital Credit Card and Its Advantages

This digital credit card, also known as a virtual credit card, is actually not much different from using a regular credit card, except that it is in digital form.

To have this digital credit card, one must apply to several banks that have provided this credit card service, and usually, the registration process can be done through an application or website.

In the usage process, data verification must also be done, and if the requirements are met, the digital credit card can be used by customers to support their transaction activities. However, its implementation is different from conventional credit cards issued by certain banks with very complicated requirements, making it difficult for everyone to obtain a conventional credit card.

Advantages of Digital Credit Card

Benefits of BRI Credit Card Based on Offered Facilities

With the availability of digital credit cards, it can encourage you to have this card to support easy and practical transaction activities. Some advantages of using digital credit cards that can be experienced by every user are as follows:

1. More Flexible Transactions

When you want to shop, as a credit card user, you usually carry the physical card which is not flexible. Moreover, if you have used more than one credit card, it will be very inconvenient, and when you want to top up your digital wallet, the process can be complicated when choosing to use a conventional credit card because you have to input the credit card data first on the digital wallet platform.

This can be overcome by using a digital credit card because all digital payment services, including marketplaces, are already connected in one application. In addition, this digital credit card also provides convenience for you to pay various bills, including credit installments, electricity bills, health insurance (BPJS), and mobile top-ups.

2. More Practical Without Using a Physical Card

The digital credit card is a form of digital credit card that offers attractive deals because it does not require the use of a physical card like conventional credit cards. The advantage of using a digital credit card is that there is no physical form, which will make transactions more practical and easy.

Without a physical card, you no longer need to worry about losing or damaging your credit card. Although it comes in a digital form, the digital credit card still has a CVV number, so you can still perform transaction activities if it requires entering the number.

3. Easier Application Process

The application process for digital credit cards is generally easier than for conventional credit cards. This is because the advantage of using a digital credit card in the application process does not require several layered documents such as a photocopy of your identity card (KK), ID card (KTP), payslips, or the latest bank account statement requested by banking services.

The use of digital credit cards allows for online application whenever and wherever the user needs it, with the requirement of only uploading a photo of their ID card and a selfie photo while holding the ID card.

Thus, the process is very easy, and you no longer need to go to the bank for an interview in person, making the process practical and efficient.

4. Many Promotions and Cashbacks

As with the launched products, the advantage of using a digital credit card is popular among customers. One of the reasons is that it offers attractive promotions that are beneficial for every customer who uses it.

For example, offers of 0% interest rate installments, reward points that can be exchanged for some discounts or attractive deals, and cashback availability for all transaction activities. Therefore, every customer will feel the benefits of using this digital credit card.

5. Faster Credit Application Process

For those who have applied for conventional credit cards from banks, they are surely familiar with the lengthy process of getting approval. This is because the bank needs to check several documents belonging to the prospective customer.

This factor is what consumes a lot of time, and the advantage of using a digital credit card is that it can speed up the process of document verification using an artificial intelligence-based system. This is very beneficial for every user who wants to take advantage of this digital credit card.

6. Can be Used Immediately

Once the digital credit card application is approved, customers can immediately use it for transactions as needed. This is different from using a physical credit card, which can only be delivered later and usually takes up to 14 working days.

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Therefore, using a digital credit card is more practical because with registration on the same day, it can be used immediately according to the user’s needs. This eliminates the need to wait for a long time to use a credit card for various transactions.

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