How to Create a Virtual Credit Card According to the Issuing Bank

Creating a virtual credit card can be done online or offline according to the needs of the users. The purpose of creating virtual credit cards is to make online shopping safer. This can be achieved because the owner can access a special card number that is usually only valid for 24 hours.

The original card number is not given to others to ensure the security of virtual credit card usage.

How to Create a Virtual Credit Card

How to Create a Virtual Credit Card According to the Issuing Bank

The use of virtual credit cards can be set with a limit so as not to exceed the nominal limit. Users also cannot exceed the limit, and the expiration date can be adjusted according to their needs.

Other requirements are not much different from physical credit cards, which have 16-digit card numbers, the name of the owner, expiration dates, and CVV.

Here are the steps to create a virtual credit card according to the issuing bank:

1. MNC International Bank

MNC Bank has launched the use of virtual credit cards since 2021 and claims to be the first virtual credit card in Indonesia connected to Disdukcapil, providing many benefits in getting credit approval faster.

To create a virtual credit card for free in this bank, users can use the apply credit card feature through the MotionBanking application. The virtual credit card can be used immediately after approval, while the physical card can only be obtained within a maximum of 7 working days for the Jabodetabek area.

The method of use is not much different from a regular credit card. When making a payment, users can select the desired credit card method by filling in several columns such as the 3-digit CVV, card number, and expiration date, which can be seen through the application.

2. CIMB Niaga

Creating a virtual credit card can also be done through CIMB Niaga Bank, which offers many benefits because its digital credit card is called the Octo card, which has been issued since June 2022.

The first method is to obtain a credit card by activating it through the Octo Mobile application or SMS. The digital credit card can be activated within 24 hours after receiving an SMS notification of approval, which contains the last 4 digits of the received Octo card number.

The CVV and expiration date for using the credit card can be accessed after the registration process is complete. To access this information, users can go to the my account menu and select the Octo card, then choose the view CVV & expiry date menu. The data will appear after user input the PIN.

3. Bank Sinarmas

Making a free virtual credit card can also be done through Bank Sinarmas with its excellent product that has been issued with a process that is not much different from others because it is very easy to do through an application called SimobilPlus.

People who are already customers or who have not yet become customers can still have a virtual credit card issued by Sinarmas.

The procedure that can be done is not much different because both must have the type of credit card they want to use, fill in the data and receive notifications, and attach a digital signature.

In the use of the credit card number, there is also an expiration date that can be accessed through the credit menu. In this menu, information on unpaid bills and credit limits of the respective customers will be displayed.

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4. BNI

Making a free virtual credit card can also be done through BNI, which certainly does not use the basis of a credit card where the customer can owe money to the bank.

However, it uses a credit card as a basis, which means that the owner can shop with their balance and has a similar way of working, which is to hide the original card number when wanting to perform transaction activities.

The way to create a free virtual credit card from BNI will receive a virtual card number, expiration date, and 3-digit CVC sent via SMS banking or mobile banking.

From all the obtained data, the process of making online payment transactions can be continued, and the payment limit has been set.

5. Corporate Card

Creating a free virtual credit card in banking may not feel very useful if you already know that a one-time use card has its drawbacks or weaknesses.

For example, it cannot be used for direct purchases in stores and it is quite difficult when the item needs to be picked up in the store after the transaction has been made.

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Creating a free virtual credit card must always be remembered because the account number only lasts for a very short time and must be continuously updated so that it can still carry out transaction activities according to its needs because it cannot maintain automatic bill payment.

Another alternative is to use a corporate card that can support various business needs and is widely used for consumer needs.

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Those are some ways to create a virtual credit card that can be used as a reference choice in making transactions that are easier and more practical. The creation of a virtual credit card can also be adjusted by the issuing bank.

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