Understanding the Benefits of SLIK OJK for Creditors and Customers

Understanding the Benefits of SLIK OJK for Creditors and Customers

SLIK OJK is the new name for the credit history checking service that was previously known as BI Checking. The BI Checking service was officially renamed SLIK OJK on January 1, 2018. Therefore, this is well-known among the public, especially those involved in finance, banking, and credit.

SLIK stands for Sistem Layanan Informasi Keuangan (Financial Information Service System). This system manages information under the auspices of the OJK or Financial Services Authority. Consequently, it contains all information about debtor data.

In this regard, the history of bank debtors and similar institutions is clearly recorded in SLIK. The data also relates to the timely or untimely payments made by debtors. Undoubtedly, this system provides benefits for both creditors and debtors.

Benefits of SLIK OJK for Creditors

Understanding the Benefits of SLIK OJK for Creditors and Customers

There are several benefits of SLIK OJK for creditors in the business world. These benefits include:

1. Assisting in Credit Decision-Making

SLIK OJK’s services primarily concern the credit history of debtors. As commonly known, a debtor’s history significantly influences the granting of credit or loans. With the debtor’s credit history available, creditors exercise caution. Creditors refer to entities providing financial loans or credit, such as banks and other financial institutions.

When considering providing funds to a debtor, creditors seek information. This search and verification of information help creditors assess the debtor’s credit score. The credit score results aid creditors in conducting an analysis before providing credit funds.

2. Mitigating Credit Risks in the Future

Some customers who receive loans from creditors may experience default. Individuals who have obtained these loans may fail to make timely payments, paying late and exceeding the due date. Debtors making loan payments accompanied by fines are also common.

However, some debtors may fail to make payments, which is detrimental to the lending party. With information about debtor history, creditors can mitigate the risk of defaulting on credit. This includes the risk of unpaid loans given to debtors.

3. Examining the Credit Reputation of Debtors

All data regarding the history of debtors can be viewed more clearly and in detail by creditor institutions. This data is crucial for creditors. It is directly related to the credit reputation of debtors.

A debtor’s reputation can be categorized into several scores. The first score is ‘Kredit Lancar’ (Smooth Credit), meaning the debtor always pays credit installments on time without any delays. The second score is ‘Kredit dalam Perhatian Khusus’ (Credit Under Special Attention), where the debtor has been delayed for 1 to 90 days. The third score is ‘Kredit Tidak Lancar’ (Unsmooth Credit), indicating a delay from 91 to 120 days.

Then there is the ‘Kredit Diragukan’ (Doubtful Credit) score, where the debtor has been delayed for 121 to 180 days. The last score is ‘Kredit Macet’ (Bad Credit), signifying a delay of up to 180 days. Before providing a loan, creditors can check in which score a debtor’s reputation falls.

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Benefits of SLIK OJK for Customers

Understanding the Benefits of SLIK OJK for Creditors and Customers

On the other hand, SLIK OJK can provide interesting benefits for bank customers. These benefits include:

1. Approval for Credit Applications

Information about a debtor’s loan history is not only beneficial for creditors but also for debtors themselves. One of the benefits of information services for debtors is to simplify the credit application process, especially for debtors with good payment reputations and a ‘Kredit Lancar’ score.

The credit application process becomes smoother with the information obtained from creditors. Therefore, the credit application process can be conducted without any obstacles. Moreover, the credit application process can be carried out with the desired amount of funds. Debtors with such reputations have a higher chance of getting credit approval.

2. Maintaining Credit Reputation

Debtors with a ‘Kredit Lancar’ score have the right to maintain their credit reputation, especially if they have always made timely payments and have not defaulted. This good credit reputation allows debtors to qualify for another loan.

Certainly, this debtor’s reputation will always be stored in SLIK. This data will also be managed by OJK, so the smooth credit history can be accessed by all creditor institutions under OJK’s supervision.

3. Obtaining Unsecured Loans:

Another benefit that debtors can gain from SLIK OJK is the ease of obtaining loans, even without collateral. The better a customer’s credit score, the greater the chance of obtaining a loan without any collateral.

SLIK OJK, with all the benefits mentioned above, can be accessed by anyone. Furthermore, the checking process can now be done more conveniently online. To do this, simply access the website by searching for it in the browser first. Then complete the registration and provide the required data as displayed on the device screen.

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Once all registration requirements are met, the results of the check or specific information will be displayed. This easy access will undoubtedly maximize the utilization of credit institutions in providing loans to customers.

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