Types of Banking Service Cards for Credit Cards

This type of banking service card certainly provides its own advantages for many people so they can shop without having to carry cash. Now it’s not forever to go shopping with a wad of cash which is certainly quite dangerous and unsafe when taken out of the house.

With the reason to maintain security and practicality, of course payment transactions can be done through digital transactions which are currently very popularly used by the public.

So it’s no longer surprising that many people are increasingly fond of shopping by swipe because it’s enough to hand over their credit card or debit card to the cashier as a very practical way to use.

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Types of Credit Card Banking Service Cards and Their Functions

Types of Banking Service Cards for Credit Cards

Until now, there are several types of credit cards for use, according to their functions. In this case, you need to make sure to use the type of credit card that suits your needs.

In choosing a credit card, of course, you can adjust it to your daily shopping needs so that it is easier and more practical. As for the type of credit card that is adjusted to its function as follows:

1. Charger Card

The use of this card is actually not much different from a credit card. For charge card holders, of course, you can use this card to carry out goods or service transactions with very easy steps.

Apart from that, bills can also be charged at the end of the month but must be paid in full according to the bill. This bill, of course, will also incur additional or free fees, which are adjusted to the provisions of each bank.

2. Credit Cards

The use of this credit card is a type of banking service card that has been used or known as CC. Of course, this can be redeemed for purchasing goods or paying for services by swiping the card at merchants that have provided these services.

The process of paying off both goods and services can be done by paying the bill at the end of the month or by paying in installments according to the minimum amount. The way to pay the installments according to the minimum amount of the policies of each bank used.

3. Debit Cards

A debit Card is a type of card that has been provided by banking services which is certainly very similar to normal cash transactions. When this debit card is swiped, of course, the balance that has been stored in the savings account will automatically be deducted according to the price of the goods or services purchased.

Thus not using an installment system like a credit card because you still use the money you have in savings. The advantage is not having to spend cash to make payments because you just need to use a debit card.

4. Cash Cards

The use of this card is of course true to its name, which allows its owners to withdraw money in cash at certain outlets other than ATMs. This is certainly different from the previous 3 cards because this type of card cannot be used to carry out transaction activities for services or goods.

5. Check Guarantee Card

In using this one card, it is likely that it is still quite rare in Indonesia. Availability for the use of this card is more widely applied in Europe because it is already dominated for easier and more practical payment transactions.

The owners of this card can use it as a form of guarantee when they want to withdraw large amounts of checks. So as to provide benefits for each owner of the financial transaction activities that you want to do.

Credit Card Applicable Regions

Credit Cards Functions, and How to Use It

Not only according to its function, the existence of this credit card also has an area that is specifically enforced. Do a check first on the card you want to use and make sure when you go abroad it can be used in that country.

As for the area of application of credit cards that can be known as follows:

1. National Credit Card

The use of this national credit card is only enforced in a particular country and cannot be used for overseas transactions. Usually, the availability of national credit cards is issued by the company for cooperation activities with service providers from certain credit cards.

For example, the national credit cards which are currently very popular in Indonesia, namely the Garuda Executive Card and the Asta Card. That way the owners of this national credit card must have an understanding regarding the special enforcement area for its use.

2. International Credit Cards

For international credit card holders, of course, you don’t need to be confused anymore about bringing cash when you want to travel abroad. This is because this type of banking service card has a large enough role to be used as a transaction tool abroad.

The use of this one card can be held to be used as a means of payment that can be used in almost all major countries in the world. In this case you also have to pay attention that each card usually has a logo that turns out to be issued by several companies that are in accordance with their function and region.

a. Visas

Visa is a credit card company that is very popular in the Asian region by running its business using a franchise system and collaborating with several regional nations.

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Until now, there are five types of credit cards that can be adjusted according to the income of each customer when they want to use this one credit card, such as Classic, Gold, Platinum, Signature, and Infinite.

b. MasterCard

One of the most popular credit cards in European countries and the United States. However, availability for this credit card can be made outside of the region as long as it obtains a license from MasterCard Worldwide as a type of banking service card that can be used.

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