Recommendations for Health Startups in Indonesia

Indonesia has seen the rise of many health startups that have shown great development, with the startup ecosystem moving faster in various sectors such as healthcare.

Health is one of the startup sectors that has great potential for growth in Indonesia.

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Startups in this sector offer various types of information related to healthcare and healthcare services through easier means.

As a result, it is not surprising that there are many health startups that have emerged in Indonesia, each experiencing their own growth and success.

List of Health Startups

Recommendations for Health Startups in Indonesia

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1. HaloDoc

health startup halodoc

The first health startup in Indonesia was HaloDoc, an application that allows users to directly consult doctors chosen through the app about their complaints.

The app offers various doctor options with different specialties, making it easy for users to contact doctors according to their specific needs.

To use the app, users simply choose a doctor and ask questions directly related to their illness, making it easier to get in touch with experienced doctors in the healthcare field.

The app also features a Q&A section with doctors, making it easier to purchase necessary medication based on the specific symptoms experienced.

2. Alodokter

Health Startup Alodokter

Another health startup is Alodokter, which has been around since 2014 and has significantly changed the healthcare service landscape in Indonesia.

Through this app, users can directly ask doctors about their symptoms and get a quick response from over 1,000 doctors available.

The app’s advantage is its well-organized and easy-to-understand medical information for the general public.

The app can be accessed through the Play Store or App Store, or via the app’s official website.

3. is an online portal that provides various healthcare-related information and allows patients to ask questions to doctors according to their specific ailments.

Patients can freely ask doctors about their symptoms and the process of recovery.

Using the app is simple, requiring users to create an account and then ask doctors about their complaints.

The portal also provides reviews of hospitals available in Indonesia, which can be used as a reference when seeking the best hospitals.

4. KlikDokter

Like other health startups, this application provides various health-related information, hospitals, doctor directories, medicines, and pharmacies.

By using this application, users can access specialist columns and well-organized and detailed health reviews, which distinguish this app from other health startups.

The portal also provides health-related terms arranged alphabetically, making it easier for users to search.

Obtaining the application is also easy and can be found on Google Play Store or App Store, suitable for the user’s smartphone.

5. Good Doctor

Health Startup Good Doctor

Good Doctor is a health startup available in Indonesia that provides telemedicine services and has been operating since 2020, with a partnership with the Indonesian Ministry of Health in providing free medicine to COVID-19 patients who have undergone self-isolation in Jakarta.

So far, the application has partnered with more than 2000 pharmacies in Indonesia and operates in Thailand.

In addition to partnering with the Indonesian Ministry of Health, Good Doctor also collaborates with Grab in its efforts to build GrabHealth powered by Good Doctor.

This service provides a feature for health-related consultations with several professional doctors with specific specializations.

6. Konsula

Founded in 2015 by Shintia Nurfauzia, Johanes Ardiant, and Ronald Wijaya, this health startup in Indonesia has received initial funding from the East Ventures venture capital.

With the slogan “healthy without limits,” this app has become a digital health platform that provides two flagship products, Konsula Search and Konsula Connect.

Konsula Search is a doctor directory service where users can search for doctors according to their disease, location, and specialization and make appointments with them online, making it more convenient for consultations with doctors.

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In addition, Konsula Connect is an online software based on the cloud designed to make it easier for doctors, healthcare workers, and health facilities to manage their practices more efficiently in managing patient agreements and queues at a particular clinic.

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These are some health startups available in Indonesia that provide health facilities according to user complaints, and by using these apps, users can consult with several doctors according to their respective specializations.

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