Popular Transportation Startups in The World (Updated 2023)

This startup in the transportation sector is a digital startup business that has recently been in operation and can be said to have just been established or is currently experiencing development.

The uniqueness of this business is that it is always directly related to technology, the internet, and websites which have continued to experience developments from the late 1990s to the present.

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In the beginning, many businesses were also established abroad, but in Indonesia itself now many have been established and what has experienced even more successful development.

One of them is the presence of a digital business in Indonesia which is already rife with online transportation with the development of not only pithecan transportation but also cleaning services, food delivery services, lodging services, to services for making deliveries that can be used in just one application.

Transportation Startup List in Indonesia

Popular Transportation Startups in The World (Updated 2023)

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The success that has been experienced by this startup business in the field of transportation has apparently provided a lot of inspiration for novice business people and made it a phenomenon along the journey of startup business in Indonesia. As for several digital startup businesses in the transportation sector that have been successful and phenomenal, they are as follows:

1. Grab

Grab - Popular Transportation Startups in The World (Updated 2023)

Grab is one of the factors in the transportation sector that is already available in Indonesia, which of course is also very popular among the public with its logo that is similar to Gojek because it has a green color but of course has its own advantages. Grab is a startup company headquartered in Singapore which was founded in 2012 and was known as GrabTaxi until 2016.

Currently, the existence of online transportation is almost available in all countries in the Southeast Asia region, including its availability in Indonesia, which is very popular for use in various ways according to the needs of the community. From this one application, of course, helps support the world of education and employment by there is an internship program and employee recruitment that provides more opportunities.

2. Gojek

Gojek - Popular Transportation Startups in The World (Updated 2023)

This startup company that has been established in Indonesia has been around since 2010 its existence has skyrocketed in popularity in Indonesia in just a span of 10 years, Gojek is now well known by the public and is even used daily for various needs. Gojek is a startup owned by Nadiem Makarim who currently serves as the minister of education and culture of the Republic of Indonesia.

As of 2016, the application itself is available in around 50 regencies to cities in Indonesia and has even penetrated into neighboring countries including Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore. Not only that, in supporting and following global financial trends, of course, it also provides Gopay services as electronic money that can be used for various features provided by the Gojek application.

3. Uber

Uber - Popular Transportation Startups in The World (Updated 2023)

It can be said that Uber is a pioneer in supporting online transportation applications which are currently widely used in Indonesia. This startup company in the transportation sector has been established with its base in the United States, which certainly has a startup valuation value that has reached 985 trillion.

Currently, the application for this transportation company only has about 26% of its share profits after at that time joining Grab. The focus being carried on this one status of the transportation sector is only in a number of countries where the company was founded.

4. Diddy Chuxing

Didi Chuxing - Popular Transportation Startups in The World (Updated 2023)

The use of this application has been presented as a startup company in the field of ride-sharing which is certainly very popular in Beijing as the location for the establishment of transportation startups that have penetrated into several other countries. The presence of this one company, it is certainly able to attract the attention of up to 450,000 users from the availability of 1.3 million residents in Beijing.

So it’s no wonder that its existence has become very popular because it can make it easy for people to travel without having to have their own vehicle because they can already use the services it offers. This is indeed very profitable because startup companies in the transportation sector provide convenience for every activity carried out by all people.

5. Airbnb

Airbnb - Popular Transportation Startups in The World (Updated 2023)

This interesting choice of digital startup companies is specifically made so that it can help everyone find a place to stay, including guest houses, hotels, apartments, or houses with complete equipment and easy access to the services offered, of course, making this one startup more successful in the world. West Country area.

So that it will be more profitable when going to a place, of course, you don’t have to bother anymore in getting facilities that are engaged in the transportation sector because they have been provided by this one digital start-up. The benefits obtained, of course, make it easy for everyone to find a place to stay without having to turn around or look for it, which will certainly only take time and effort.

6. Maxim

Maxim - Popular Transportation Startups in The World (Updated 2023)

Currently, the Maxim application is available as a startup engaged in the digital transportation sector whose presence has penetrated several major urban areas to provide convenience in traveling anywhere.

By using this one application, of course, every community can travel without having to have their own vehicle according to their wishes.

Maxim provides delivery services that are not much different from other startup services in the transportation sector, which also provide applications to provide easy access to drivers.

This start-up in the transportation sector in Indonesia is no less popular than the availability of other start-up applications that have been running for a long time in Indonesia.

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That was the discussion about transportation startups which are quite popular in Indonesia. From what has been discussed above, which one do you often use?

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