How to Check and Register Business Registration Number (NIB)

How to Check and Register Business Registration Number (NIB)

The following guide on how to check and register for a NIB (Business Registration Number) can be useful for anyone who needs it.

Essentially, a NIB serves as an identity for your business, indicating that your business is legally certified to operate. The NIB is issued by the OSS (Online Single Submission) and acts as proof of a business’s legality.

Therefore, the NIB is a crucial and fundamental requirement for anyone looking to run a business.

Although the process is not complicated, it does require some time. This process is vital for business owners in Indonesia. If you want to learn more about how to check and register for an NIB, don’t worry. You can follow the steps below to check and register for an NIB.

How to Check an NIB

How to Check and Register Business Registration Number (NIB)

To check your NIB, follow these steps:

1. Visit the Official Website

First, to check your Business Identification Number, visit the official Online Single Submission (OSS) website. You can access it via the link address

Ensure the website address is correct to avoid any errors. Once connected, you will be directed to the OSS, the authority that issues NIBs. Make sure you have a stable and adequate internet connection to access this important site.

2. Select the Check NIB Option

After accessing the OSS website, select the “Check NIB” option. Look for this feature, then click or press the corresponding button.

It might also be available under the “Check Licensing” or “NIB Licensing” options. Pay close attention to the available options on the screen to avoid making mistakes.

3. Enter Your Business Identification Number

On the screen, a field labeled “Check NIB” or something similar will appear. Enter your Business Identification Number in the provided field. Be meticulous when entering your business’s NIB.

4. Press the Check Button

Next, click the “Check” button or press the “Search” symbol. Keep an eye on the screen and wait for the results. If the NIB is valid, information about the company will appear.

This information will include the operational status of your business, the company name, and the NIB. This indicates that the check was successful.

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How to Register for an NIB

If you want to know how to register for an NIB, follow these steps:

1. Visit the Official Website

Similar to the NIB checking process, registration can also be done online. To register for a Business Identification Number, visit the official OSS website at You will access the same site used for checking the NIB. The features on the site are user-friendly and easy to understand.

2. Choose the Register Menu

Select the “Register” or “Sign Up” option on your screen. If you encounter difficulties, you can follow the guidance available on the site or contact the OSS support number provided for public assistance.

Business owners who do not yet have an OSS account need to create one first. Provide the necessary information, such as the company name and address.

Additional data may also be required to create an OSS account. Ensure all required information is provided to register for the NIB successfully.

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3. Follow the Instructions

Follow all the instructions to upload the necessary documents. Each step must be followed carefully to ensure the registration process is completed correctly. Uploading documents is essential to support the company registration. Ensure no documents are missed to ensure a smooth NIB registration.

4. Receive Your NIB

Once the process is complete, the OSS system will issue a new NIB for your company. This means you now have a Business Identification Number. With this number, your business can operate without legal concerns.

You can also apply for other permits to facilitate your business operations. Every application for additional permits will require an NIB. Moreover, with an NIB, you can expand your business using the best methods.

The steps to check and register for an NIB are crucial for anyone looking to run a business. It is important to conduct the NIB check and registration process carefully and accurately to avoid future problems. If you encounter difficulties or need additional assistance, contact the relevant authority or the responsible party.

Do not delay registering for a Business Identification Number, as it is the starting point for your business operations. This number signifies the legality of your business, ensuring you do not take significant risks when running your business.

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Once registered, your business is officially recognized, allowing you to grow your business smoothly, especially in terms of licensing.

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