How to Make a Mastercard Debit Card and Its Requirements

In how to make a Mastercard debit card, you can do it in various banks available in Indonesia that offer many advantages and alternatives for conducting transactions easily.

When looking at this Mastercard debit card, you can see the distinctive logo displayed as a hallmark of Mastercard usage.

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Many people now use Mastercard debit cards for their benefit in supporting transaction activities according to their needs, whether domestically or internationally. So it’s no wonder that many people want to have a Mastercard debit card for their transaction activities.

What is Mastercard?

How to Make a Mastercard Debit Card and Its Requirements

Mastercard is one of the multinational financial service companies headquartered in New York, United States. The company has been available since 1966 and Mastercard is the second-largest payment network available in Indonesia, with Visa in the first position.

Mastercard offers transaction facilities involving cardholders, business actors, or financial institutions through its technology and network.

Although it acts as a facilitator, Mastercard does not issue its own cards, and the card issuers are some member banks or other financial institutions that have partnered with Mastercard.

How to Make a Mastercard Debit Card

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To get a debit card of this type, you need to open an account at a bank that issues Mastercard.

When registering, the customer can directly request to create an ATM card with the Mastercard logo if there are several options provided because usually, one bank may work with others that offer only Visa or GPN.

There are five Mastercard debit card issuers available in Indonesia, including:

• Bank Danamon
• Maybank Indonesia
• Standard Chartered Bank Indonesia
• Commonwealth Bank Indonesia
• BNI Syariah
• CIMB Niaga
• MNC Bank
• Panin Bank Indonesia
• Bank Mega
• Bank Sinarmas
• Bank Nationalnobu

In addition, there is one more bank available on the official website with a “Soon” status, meaning that it will soon release its latest service, which is Bank Mandiri since it only has a Visa card at the moment.

Each bank has its own Mastercard debit card specifically issued to meet business needs, distinguished from individual needs.

General Requirements for Making a Mastercard Debit Card

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When using this Mastercard debit card, there are general requirements that are provided by the bank to customers who want to use the debit card. Some of the general requirements for applying for a Mastercard debit card are as follows:

1. Individual Customers

• Fill out the account opening form for the use of the Mastercard debit card.
• Provide identification documents. For Indonesian citizens, they must have a KTP and NPWP, while for foreigners, they must have a passport or KITAP/KITAS/KIMS.
• Other requirements for individual customers are that they must be at least 17 years old.
• The initial deposit that must be paid is a minimum of 10 million, and subsequently a minimum of 10,000.
• All processes for making the Mastercard debit card are carried out at the nearest bank branch.

2. Non-Individual Customers

• For non-individual customers, it must be a sole proprietorship and non-legal entity.
• Have a power of attorney for account management.
• The identity of the account manager for Indonesian citizens is a KTP and NPWP, while for foreigners it is a passport and KITAP/KITAS/KIMS.
• All processes for having a Mastercard debit card are carried out at the nearest bank branch.

Reasons to Use a Mastercard Debit Card for Business

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1. Wider Network

Using a Mastercard debit card is very beneficial because it has a wider network. The network owned by Mastercard debit cards has been offered on a global scale, which provides the advantage of being able to conduct transactions not only within the country but also outside the country.

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Holders of Mastercard debit cards, they can conduct transactions with over 60 million merchants available in more than 120 countries.

This is certainly very beneficial for everyone to use the services of Mastercard debit cards to support their transactional activities.

2. Safer Transactions

One of the things that Mastercard always emphasizes to anyone who uses its services is an improvement in the security system in its payment ecosystem. The use of Mastercard debit cards has even claimed to have a layered approach to accurately detect fraud and has been proven to increase its sales revenue.

3. Have More Limits

The advantage that can be gained by using a Mastercard debit card is certainly more concrete and specific than the promises made by the issuing bank. One of the most common things is the transaction limit, which tends to be larger than the use of a debit card for individuals. For example, Britama Business has set a transaction limit of up to 1 billion.

4. Transactions According to Ability

There are several more common advantages to using a debit card for business than a credit card. For example, when using a debit card, transactions are limited to the amount of the balance, so businesses can avoid the risk of spending money that cannot be repaid, as with credit cards.

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Knowing how to make a Mastercard debit card, is certainly beneficial if you want to conduct transactions within and outside the country. The need for a Mastercard debit card can be tailored by applying the requirements to use the service.

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