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Bank Jago Code for Digital Financial Transactions

In Indonesia, there are numerous banks operating to facilitate financial transactions for the local community. One such bank is Bank Jago, a digital bank that offers services similar to conventional banks. This includes the presence of the Bank Jago code for various transactions within the bank.

The limited information about digital bank services has sparked curiosity among many people, prompting them to seek further details on how transactions work in such banks. This includes understanding how to use the bank code tailored for the financial transactions carried out. Here is detailed information on digital bank transactions, including transactions using the Bank Jago code via smartphones or the virtual world.

About Bank Jago

Bank Jago Code

Before delving deeper into information about the Bank Jago code, it’s essential to get acquainted with what Bank Jago is in Indonesia. The history of this bank began in 2020, but it has been operating in Indonesia since 1996 under the name PT Bank Artos Indonesia Tbk. In 2020, after a share acquisition, it changed its name to PT Bank Jago Tbk. This bank is officially registered with OJK, ensuring that all offered services are legal. What sets its services apart from other banks is the concept of a bank with a digital application, making various transactions more convenient and cost-effective.

In its operations in the country, Bank Jago provides services to its customers, ranging from digital financial transactions to both conventional and Sharia services. Additionally, the bank’s developed application offers various attractive features, including VISA debit cards, QRIS services, savings services with different account types, fund transfers, and payments. All these activities can be performed through the bank’s application accessible via smartphones or websites.

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Bank Jago Code for Fund Transfer Transactions

To streamline financial transactions with this bank, it is essential to have the Bank Jago code, especially for fund transfer transactions. Similar to other official banks in Indonesia, Bank Jago also has a transaction code provided by Bank Indonesia for the ease of fund transfer transactions to the bank.

Anyone looking to send funds or transfer money to a Bank Jago account should be aware of three bank code numbers. Officially, Bank Indonesia assigns the number 542 as the Bank Jago code for fund transfer needs. Therefore, when transferring funds to a recipient’s account at Bank Jago, don’t forget to include the Bank Jago code 542.

Sending Funds Digitally

Bank Jago Code

Sending funds to Bank Jago can be done through digital transactions via mobile banking or internet banking. This convenience allows all customers to send funds anytime and anywhere, as long as they have adequate internet connectivity. The process involves using the mobile banking account, selecting the interbank transfer service, entering the Bank Jago code before the recipient’s account number, and completing the transaction by verifying the recipient’s name at Bank Jago.

Sending Funds via ATM

Sending funds can also be done via ATMs. Bank Jago stands out by providing a digital service with a debit card supported by VISA International. Thus, customers can send funds through any ATM with a VISA logo. To do this, insert the ATM card, choose the fund transfer service, enter the Bank Jago code followed by the recipient’s account number, specify the amount of funds to be sent, and press the next button. The ATM will display the recipient’s name, and the sender must ensure its accuracy before proceeding with the transaction. Regardless of whether funds are sent digitally or via ATMs, customers will incur additional fees for these transactions. The fee for transactions from other banks is 6,500 rupiahs, similar to other online interbank transfer fees.

Bank Jago Code for Other Financial Transactions

Bank Jago Code

Bank Jago’s services are not limited to fund transfer transactions. The bank’s account can also be used for various other transactions, including payments, topping up funds, and mutual fund investments. Each of these transactions requires its unique Bank Jago code.

Payment Transactions

For payment transactions, Bank Jago accounts can be used to pay monthly bills such as electricity, water, and even internet or telephone bills. To enjoy this facility, Bank Jago customers must use the transaction code displayed on the transaction screen.

Top-Up Transactions

Bank Jago collaborates with Gojek Indonesia, allowing users to easily top up or add funds to their Gopay accounts. Simply follow the instructions for topping up funds in the digital service, enter the desired amount for the top-up, and the funds from the Bank Jago account will be automatically sent to the intended Gopay account.

Mutual Fund Purchase Transactions

Finally, Bank Jago can be used to purchase mutual funds for those interested in investing. To successfully conduct this transaction, use the Bank Jago code for digital mutual fund purchase transactions. The process is quick and easy, allowing for investment returns within hours. Not only is the purchase process straightforward, but the selling process is also easy and can be done quickly.

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EN CTA 4Through the information provided, the public can gain a precise understanding of the Bank Jago code and its use in various types of transactions, including fund transfers, payments, and various other financial transactions.

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