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Understand CIMB Bank Code for Domestic and International Transactions

Users of CIMB Bank, also known as CIMB Niaga, are quite numerous today. Customers not only conduct transactions within the country but also internationally. This is because this bank has strong collaborations with other banks abroad. It’s no wonder that customers utilize their accounts for transactions in various countries.

When transacting with this bank, it’s essential to understand the CIMB Bank code for both domestic and international transactions. To avoid mistakes in knowing and using the bank code, take a moment to read this article. The following paragraphs will provide detailed information about the CIMB bank code for transactions within and outside the country.

CIMB Bank Code for Domestic Transactions

For CIMB Niaga bank users conducting transactions within the country, it is crucial to acquire information about the CIMB Bank code for these transactions. Here’s information about the code used for transactions at CIMB Niaga Bank for local or domestic purposes.

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Official CIMB Niaga Bank Code

It’s worth noting that the bank code is officially assigned by Bank Indonesia to banks registered in the country. CIMB Niaga Bank is officially recognized by Bank Indonesia and has been assigned the code 022. With this code, financial transactions within the country conducted by customers can proceed smoothly.

Using the CIMB Bank Code in Transactions

CIMB Bank Code

Using this bank code for transactions through CIMB Niaga Bank is straightforward for customers. It’s important to note that the bank code can be used in various ways, as outlined below:

  • Offline Transactions at the Branch: Customers at the branch counter do not need to specify the bank code. With the recipient’s account number, the bank teller will indirectly provide information about the code on the financial transaction slip. Customers can wait for the teller to handle this.
  • ATM Transactions: Simply follow the instructions on the ATM screen. The bank code will appear on the ATM screen, allowing customers to easily make selections and input the correct code.
  • Mobile Banking Transactions: Navigate to the application on the smartphone and perform transactions according to the displayed options. When sending funds to another bank, there’s no need to enter the bank code, as it is automatically recorded based on the destination bank.

CIMB Bank Code for International Transactions

In addition to domestic transactions, the CIMB Bank code can be used for international transactions, including fund transfers and specific payments. To send funds to an overseas account, several steps and detailed explanations are necessary.

Use CIMB Bank Code Plus SWIFT Transfer Code

CIMB Bank Code

CIMB Niaga Bank customers should understand that sending funds abroad requires not only the CIMB bank code but also knowledge of the SWIFT transfer code used for international fund transfers. Each bank typically has its own SWIFT code, which customers can check on CIMB Niaga Bank’s official website. However, it’s essential to note that the listed code is only for banks collaborating with CIMB Niaga Bank. Therefore, customers must ensure that the recipient’s account is with a bank partnered with CIMB Niaga Bank. If not, the transaction cannot proceed.

Transactions within Indonesia

For domestic fund transfer transactions, customers have various options. They can choose to visit the nearest branch and conduct offline transactions or use mobile banking and internet banking. It’s advisable to choose the most convenient transaction type to save time and effort.

Transactions Abroad

For international fund transfers while abroad, customers should first identify the country they are visiting and gather information about banks collaborating with CIMB Niaga Bank in that country. In some neighboring Southeast Asian countries, customers can use ATMs partnered with CIMB Niaga Bank. However, for more distant countries, customers usually need to visit a local bank collaborating with CIMB Niaga Bank. Local bank staff in the visited country will assist with the transaction process as needed.

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EN CTA 4By briefly reviewing the information provided above, CIMB Niaga Bank customers should no longer have difficulty recognizing and using the bank code in every transaction. Thanks to the CIMB Bank code, transactions can proceed smoothly and purposefully, meeting the expectations of both senders and recipients. Transaction errors are minimized, and the risk of slow transaction processing is also reduced.

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