Benefits of BCA Credit Card to Support Transaction Activities

Benefits of BCA Credit Card to Support Transaction Activities

There are many benefits of the BCA credit card that provide advantages for users to use one of BCA’s flagship products. Credit cards have become part of meeting the needs of urban communities in supporting their daily activities without having to use cash.

This convenience can be felt when making payments, in addition to attractive promotional offers and discounts offered by credit card providers that certainly make customers compete to have the credit card.

Just like the availability of credit cards from Bank BCA which is one of the most popular among customers because it offers various benefits that can be felt in supporting easier and more practical transaction activities.

Benefits of BCA Credit Card

Benefits of BCA Credit Card to Support Transaction Activities

1. Competitive Interest Rates

Although not claiming to be one of the lowest credit card interest rate providers in Indonesia, BCA has stated that the interest rate set is considered very competitive compared to several credit cards from other banks.

BCA only sets a maximum of 2.25% for credit card interest per month for cash withdrawal transactions to shopping transactions.

Users can enjoy credit card interest rates that are much lower than BCA’s with the availability of several networks including hotels, restaurants, retailers, and other service providers that have collaborated directly with BCA.

The key to using this BCA credit card is to always ask about the credit card promotions that are currently being implemented at the service or restaurant staff, hotel staff, or other places being visited.

2. Provides Comfort for Going Abroad

For BCA customers, they will certainly feel the benefits of the BCA credit card when traveling abroad, whether for work or just vacation. This is because these customers have been spoiled with very easy activities when traveling abroad because their credit cards can be used worldwide.

In this case, you can travel for business or vacation and the presence of the BCA credit card provides many benefits for each customer who uses it.

Benefits that can be obtained include lower exchange rates when conducting transactions abroad and also the availability of BCA travel services that can help you start managing passports and some other travel documents to obtain easier and more practical hotel reservations.

3. Real-Time Online Payment

The benefits of the BCA credit card that can be felt by BCA credit cardholders will never have difficulty in making payment transactions against bills that are made every month. This is because payments can be made through BCA ATMs, KlikBCA, m-BCA, and BCA by phone, even if you want to conduct financial transactions on holidays.

You can also make payments of up to 10% of the monthly bill charged for a minimum of 50,000. However, in this case, it is best to avoid making minimum payments if you do not want the unpaid bill to accumulate for the next month, which will definitely be subject to penalty fees.

4. Cash Withdrawal

The benefits of the BCA credit card in emergency situations, whenever users need cash, of course, the BCA cardholder can withdraw cash up to the limit of the card used. The cash advance fee for BCA Visa and MasterCard credit cards supports international transactions with a fee of 4% or a minimum of 50,000.

Meanwhile, for domestic transactions, the fee is 25,000 per transaction. However, it should be noted that you should only use the cash withdrawal facility using a credit card in an emergency because there is interest that the BCA credit cardholder will have to pay.

5. BCA Credit Life

In using BCA credit cards, users will also benefit from features such as BCA Credit Life. With this feature, users will have the freedom from the obligation to pay their bills regularly, as agreed upon at the beginning.

This feature is usually used when there is an accident or when the cardholder is in a critical condition that results in their death. Therefore, the premium fee is only around 0.4% of the credit card balance that has been used previously.

6. Free Annual Fee

One of the benefits of BCA credit cards is the freedom from paying annual fees, which is very advantageous in supporting payment transactions according to the user’s needs. Only by using BCA credit cards, users will be exempt from paying annual fees forever.

This is applied when the average monthly usage of the credit card has reached 30% of the credit card limit. Therefore, this provision provides its own benefits for customers when using BCA credit cards, as they are not subject to routine annual fees for fund deductions.

7. Can Be Used Anywhere

One of the benefits of BCA credit cards is that they can be used anywhere to make payment transactions according to the user’s needs. Payments using BCA credit cards can be accepted at more than 65,000 merchants, including hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, online stores, retailers, and others.

This is certainly very beneficial in obtaining BCA credit cards as they can offer many advantages in conducting financial transactions. If interested in owning one, you can apply directly through the nearest BCA office to process the credit card application.

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