Benefits of UOB Credit Card According to the Type of Card Used

Benefits of UOB Credit Card According to the Type of Card Used

The benefits of UOB credit cards make them an attractive choice for those who want to use a credit card but earn a monthly salary of no more than 5 million rupiah. UOB credit cards come in several types that are attractive to employees or self-employed individuals who earn a minimum of 5 million rupiah.

By using UOB credit cards, you can enjoy many benefits that make various payments easy and practical, including electricity bills, water bills, token purchases, BPJS health payments, and monthly health insurance premiums.

What is a UOB Credit Card?

Benefits of UOB Credit Card According to the Type of Card Used

UOB credit cards come in several variants that have been adjusted to suit the lifestyle preferences of each user. One of the largest banks available in Southeast Asia offers five different credit card options with different facilities and benefits.

Benefits of UOB Credit Card by Type

Benefits of UOB Credit Card According to the Type of Card Used

UOB Yolo Card

This type of UOB credit card is very attractive as it offers many benefits to its users. By using this credit card, you will get a free annual fee if you use it every month, and installment payments of 0% up to 6 months to support hotel and travel transactions.

By using the UOB Yolo Card, users will also receive a free Grab voucher worth Rp20,000 for every five retail transactions with a minimum amount of Rp100,000 or multiples of it. Other benefits include various daily promos ranging from copy discounts every Monday to discounts at various cafes during weekends.


The benefits of UOB credit cards are felt by all those who have used this feature, such as cashback up to 5% for all spending activities starting from September 2018. Other benefits include getting a very competitive exchange rate and getting installments up to 0% to support learning activities in Singapore.

Using UOB credit cards is very beneficial because users can easily make monthly payments for bills such as water and electricity bills using the bill payment feature. The availability of the payWave feature also means that users do not have to swipe the card, but only need to tap it on the EDC machine to make financial transactions easy and practical.


The benefits of UOB credit cards are more advantageous for users who have registered to support easier and more practical transaction activities. By using this UOB credit card, for every transaction made domestically starting from Rp7,000 and internationally starting from Rp3,500, users will automatically earn one mile.

Users will also receive a bonus for activating a new card of up to 4,500 miles. In this case, users also get points that can be exchanged for flights from Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Garuda Indonesia, and Air Asia.

UOB Preferred Platinum

Using this credit card will be more beneficial for users who can feel its benefits to support easier transaction activities. The attractive offer of this credit card type is that users get a 0% installment for three months, which can be used for transactions such as overseas vacations or wedding expenses.

UOB Lady’s Card

The UOB Lady’s card is specifically designed for women and offers various benefits such as discounts on fashion and beauty, reward points, and travel insurance. Women can enjoy various benefits from the UOB Lady’s Card and use it to make various transactions more easily and practically.

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How to Apply for a UOB Credit Card

Benefits of UOB Credit Card According to the Type of Card Used

Step 1

The first step is to open the official UOB Bank webpage through a browser on your PC, laptop, or smartphone.

Step 2

Once you are on the UOB Bank official webpage, select the desired option to register as a customer of the bank. After selecting the option, click on the apply button.

Step 3

In this step, you can fill in the application form for the credit card application process, including your full name as per your ID, phone number, email, city, date of birth, gender, ID number, occupation, and industry type.

Step 4

After confirming that you have other credit cards and accepting the terms and conditions, you can proceed by clicking on the submit button.

Step 5

If you want to register as a UOB bank customer, you can follow the subsequent steps until completion by following the instructions given on the bank’s official webpage to obtain the benefits of a UOB credit card.

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