Benefits of CIMB Niaga Credit Card Based on User Needs

Benefits of CIMB Niaga Credit Card Based on User Needs

CIMB Niaga credit card offers advantages to its users in carrying out their financial transactions. CIMB Niaga is a banking company that has been established since 1995 under the name of Bank Niaga.

CIMB Niaga often receives positive recognition from Indonesian society, making it an exceptional bank, which continues to introduce various online services in subsequent years.

This bank has issued various banking products, such as credit cards, to provide facilities that facilitate transactions for its users.

Benefits of CIMB Niaga Credit Card

Benefits of CIMB Niaga Credit Card Based on User Needs

Using a CIMB Niaga credit card provides many benefits from the availability of various types of credit cards that can support easy and practical transactions.

CIMB Niaga offers many types of credit cards that can be adjusted to users’ needs in using credit cards to support their daily needs.

The following are the benefits that can be obtained when using CIMB Niaga credit card:

1. Free Annual Fees

For those who already have a CIMB Niaga Wafe n Go credit card, whether it is the main card or supplementary card with the MasterCard logo, they will receive significant benefits from using this credit card.

Users who use CIMB Niaga credit cards will be exempted from paying annual fees as long as they remain active cardholders according to CIMB Niaga’s policy.

Meanwhile, CIMB Niaga credit cards with the Visa logo also receive free annual fees, which cardholders can enjoy for the first 2 years only.

This is a significant relief for CIMB Niaga credit cardholders because they don’t need to spend extra money to obtain a card to support their transaction needs.

2. Fixed Installments

One of the benefits of CIMB Niaga credit cards is getting fixed installments that can be enjoyed by all credit cardholders and are not charged for installment payments according to the predetermined date during the credit card application process.

CIMB Niaga’s fixed installment offer has a tenor period of 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months.

This offer also comes with very low interest rates, which are not burdensome for CIMB Niaga credit cardholders and can provide benefits for very practical transaction activities.

The interest rate for using CIMB Niaga credit cards has decreased from 2.95% to 2.25% following Bank Indonesia’s regulation on credit interest rate limits, which benefits CIMB Niaga credit cardholders.

3. Earn Extra Points

The benefits of CIMB Niaga credit cards are not only limited to cash transactions. Still, cardholders who apply for and use the credit card can earn reward points or extra points when conducting transaction activities with their CIMB Niaga credit card.

These points can be collected and exchanged for vouchers, discounts, cashback, and other rewards.

For every retail transaction with a multiple of IDR 5,000, credit cardholders will earn one point, except for cash withdrawals, cash plus, balance transfers, cashback, installment payments, catalogs, membership fees, and installment payments.

Especially for premium credit card users, every retail transaction multiple of 5000 can obtain the following benefits:

a. Two X-tra points are applicable for the use of CIMB Niaga World credit cards.
b. Nine X-tra points are applicable for the use of CIMB Niaga Ultimate cards.
c. One X-tra point is applicable for the use of CIMB Niaga Infinite Preferred credit cards.

4. Quick Cash

One of the benefits of CIMB Niaga credit cards is quick pay as a quick cash facility when using ATMs and some banks that have the MasterCard, Plus, Visa, JCB, and Cirrus logos available worldwide.

Therefore, CIMB Niaga credit cardholders no longer need to worry or be confused if they need cash because they can simply use the credit card they are carrying.

Thus, every CIMB Niaga credit card user has been given the benefit of withdrawing cash that is released according to the needs of each user. So, all activities that require cash no longer need to be confused because users can simply take the available funds on their CIMB Niaga credit cards.

5. Quick Pay

Using quick pay for CIMB Niaga credit cards is a facility that provides convenience for every cardholder to pay monthly bills, including telephone bills, PLN bills, internet bills, and subscription TV bills.

In this case, users can also register their customer numbers and no longer have to worry about forgetting to pay their bills.

6. Otopay

Another benefit that can be felt by using CIMB Niaga credit cards is the convenience it provides. In the process of paying credit card bills each month, they can be automatically debited from the savings account held by CIMB Niaga credit card users.

In the debit process, users can determine whether to make the minimum payment of 10% or pay the full amount of 100% of the credit card bill that must be paid each month.

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Therefore, all transactions made can be adjusted to the needs of users in paying credit card bills according to the value that must be paid. This certainly provides benefits to CIMB Niaga credit card users.

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