Benefits of Mandiri Credit Card to Support Transaction Activities

Benefits of Mandiri Credit Card to Support Transaction Activities

With the availability of benefits from Mandiri credit cards, various credit card options have been provided that can be tailored to the needs of each user. For those of you who like shopping or traveling, there is no need to worry anymore if you need funds to meet those needs.

Mandiri credit cards are available in various types, each of which offers special and diverse benefits, so there is no need to worry when using a Mandiri credit card because there are various advantages and benefits in meeting transaction activity needs that are easier and more practical.

Benefits of Mandiri Credit Cards

Benefits of Mandiri Credit Card to Support Transaction Activities

The availability of Mandiri credit cards also offers Hypermart cards that allow users to enjoy various discounts just by using their credit card.

If you like the world of golf but feel that the rental cost is too expensive, you can use the Mandiri gold card to get a discount on renting the golf course you want to use.

With the many facilities offered by Mandiri credit cards, users can adjust to their needs. The following are the benefits of Mandiri credit cards that can be felt by users:

1. Get a Bonus

If you are a new customer of Bank Mandiri, you can use the Mandiri Skyz card, which offers a welcome bonus in the form of a cashback of up to 500,000 for travel expenses, which is quite a lot.

To continue to take advantage of the offered bonus, there are mandatory conditions that must be met by users, such as activating the card first. The welcome bonus is only valid for one-time use for new Mandiri credit card customers or applicants who have closed their card facilities more than 6 months ago.

In addition, when conducting retail transactions within 3 months after the card is approved by Bank Mandiri. It is worth noting that this attractive offer is only applicable to the main Mandiri Skyz card, meaning that the bonus does not apply to additional cards.

2. Double Fiestapoin

This benefit of Mandiri credit cards can double Fiestapoin, which provides benefits for every transaction made using foreign currency.

With the offer of benefits in the form of points, users can accumulate points twice as much, which means that they can easily obtain other benefits by redeeming them for various promotions at several merchants.

One of them is the form of exchanging points that is very beneficial for a vacation using airline miles. In this case, to convert it, there are 3000 Fiestapoin equated with 1000 Garuda Miles and 4000 Fiestapoin equated with 1000 Asia Miles or KrisFlyer Miles.

3. Vehicle Insurance

Mandiri credit cardholders or customers with the Mandiri Pertamina credit card have full rights to maximum insurance protection worth 1 billion.

In this case, Mandiri credit cardholders can get direct facilities and emergency assistance in their vehicles for 24 hours.

The availability of this insurance will be provided in the form of compensation in the amount of the agreed coverage if the participant or policyholder is experiencing an accident with a maximum coverage value of 1 billion.

This is certainly beneficial for users to obtain vehicle insurance in case of unexpected problems when using their vehicles in the future.

4. No Surcharge at Gas Stations

Another benefit that Mandiri credit card holders can get is if they have a Mandiri Pertamina card. With this card, you will not be charged any additional fees when making transactions at gas stations (SPBU) throughout Indonesia.

It’s important to note that a surcharge is an additional fee for credit card transactions that are charged by the merchant when purchasing certain products.

Using a Mandiri credit card can be very beneficial in supporting various payment activities at Indonesian gas stations.

5. Many Discount Offers

One of the reasons to use a Mandiri credit card is that users can get many advantageous discounts when making transactions.

Bank Mandiri provides discounts for credit card users when shopping at supermarkets or Hypermart with installment options starting from 0% for 3 months, available for all products with Mandiri credit cards.

Mandiri credit card users can also benefit from 0% installment for 3 months on all products with a minimum transaction of 500,000 and 0% installment for 6 to 12 months on selected electronic products with a minimum transaction of 1 million.

In addition, there are other policies that apply to Mandiri credit cards during the period of January 1, 2020 to December 1, 2020, which provide many benefits to users.

6. Easy Payment for Routine Bills

Using a Mandiri credit card also provides another benefit, which is the ease of supporting routine bill payments every month. This is very beneficial for Mandiri credit card holders as they can easily make bill payments according to their needs.

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The benefits of Mandiri credit cards can be felt by all users who have utilized them optimally according to their needs, such as paying monthly electricity or water bills. With the credit card, customers can also minimize the risk of late bill payments.

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