The 6 Largest Banks in Singapore with Branches in Various Countries

The 6 Largest Banks in Singapore with Branches in Various Countries

The largest banks in Singapore continuously adapt to all regulations and economic policies in place, ensuring that financial institutions in the country provide the best services to the public.

The 6 Largest Banks in Singapore with Branches in Various Countries

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For customers currently in Singapore, there’s no need to hassle in search of the best bank. Certainly, customers can utilize services from the largest banks in the country as follows:

Development Bank of Singapore (DBS)

01 Development Bank of Singapore

Commonly known as DBS, the Development Bank of Singapore, the largest bank in Singapore, was established in 1968. With its extensive experience in the financial sector, DBS provides excellent services to its customers.

Moreover, this leading banking institution offers numerous advantages, including innovative digital solutions that facilitate financial transactions, making banking both practical and easy. With DBS branches spread across various countries worldwide, accessing its services is convenient.

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Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC)

02 Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation Singapore

Also present in Singapore is the Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation, often referred to as OCBC. Founded in 1932, OCBC boasts an impressive history, having merged three banks in Singapore to become OCBC. Over the years, OCBC has experienced rapid growth, becoming a prominent banking institution in Asia.

With innovative technological solutions, OCBC customers can conduct financial transactions with ease and convenience, making it a preferred choice for banking needs.

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United Overseas Bank (UOB)

03 United Overseas Bank Singapore

Established in 1935, United Overseas Bank (UOB) is one of the oldest banks in Singapore, founded with the aim of fostering economic growth in the country. Over time, UOB has developed a wide range of products and services, including savings, deposits, loans, investments, credit cards, insurance, and Islamic banking services.

With mobile applications and internet banking, customers can access UOB’s services conveniently from anywhere.

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Citibank Singapore

04 Citibank Singapore

Customers seeking the best financial Institution in Singapore can also turn to Citibank Singapore, established in 1902. Citibank has become a leading international bank, serving numerous customers from various countries outside Singapore.

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Like other banks, Citibank plays a crucial role in the banking sector, offering a diverse range of services tailored to customers’ needs. With digital banking options, financial transactions are easily accessible, providing added convenience to customers.

Standard Chartered Bank

05 Standard Chartered Bank

Another major financial institution operating in Singapore is Standard Chartered Bank, founded in 1859. Standard Chartered is recognized as the oldest bank in Singapore, boasting a long history and a deep understanding of the market.

With a strong customer focus and an extensive network, Standard Chartered has established itself as a trusted banking partner. Emphasizing innovation and digitalization, Standard Chartered provides innovative solutions for customers’ banking needs.

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HSBC Singapore

06 HSBC Singapore

HSBC Singapore, established in 1877, is another prominent banking institution in Singapore and one of the oldest banks globally. Over the years, HSBC has grown into an international bank, with branches in numerous countries worldwide.

Offering services to individuals, institutions, and businesses, HSBC emphasizes customer satisfaction and commitment. With internet banking, accessing HSBC’s services has become even more convenient for customers.

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The largest banks in Singapore listed above are easily accessible, offering a wide range of financial services. Whether you’re in Singapore or elsewhere, you can still benefit from the products and services offered by these banking institutions. Managing finances and conducting transactions has become easier, more practical, and satisfying.

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