7 Largest Banks in Sri Lanka That Are Growinag Rapidly

7 Largest Banks in Sri Lanka That Are Growinag Rapidly

The largest banks in Sri Lanka may have faced various challenges in recent years. Indeed, the establishment of banking institutions is not solely influenced by internal factors but also by external factors, such as global financial crises or unforeseen disasters.

7 Largest Banks in Sri Lanka That Are Growinag Rapidly

However, despite these challenges, several banking institutions in Sri Lanka have continued to thrive and grow into major players, such as the banks listed below.

Commercial Bank of Ceylon

01 Commercial Bank of Ceylon

Finding banking institutions in Sri Lanka is not difficult, considering the presence of major banks like the Commercial Bank of Ceylon. This significant financial institution, often referred to as CBC, has been in operation since 1969.

As one of the largest banks in Sri Lanka, CBC is listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange, making its services easily accessible. Its network extends across several Asian countries, ensuring convenient access for customers.

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Hatton National Bank (HNB)

02 Hatton National Bank

Another significant banking institution in Sri Lanka is Hatton National Bank, commonly known as HNB. Established in 1888, HNB offers a wide range of features, facilities, and services, including savings, deposits, loans, and credit cards. Customers can apply for loans at this leading bank in Sri Lanka, subject to meeting all applicable requirements. HNB provides services to both individual and corporate customers.

Seylan Bank

03 Seylan Bank

Those currently in Sri Lanka can also take advantage of the facilities and services offered by Seylan Bank. Established in 1987 as a commercial bank, Seylan Bank caters to the financial management and transactions of individuals and businesses alike. With a favorable reputation among the public, Seylan Bank has expanded its product offerings and satisfied its customers over the years, earning their trust and confidence.

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Sampath Bank

04 Sampath Bank

Sampath Bank is another prominent financial institution in Sri Lanka, established in 1987 as a commercial bank. Recognized for its achievements, Sampath Bank received the Bank of the Year award from The Banker, a publication of Financial Times Limited, London, in 2010. With a focus on innovation and customer service, Sampath Bank offers various products and services, ensuring customer satisfaction.

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People’s Bank

05 Peoples Bank

People’s Bank, established in 1961, is another renowned and large banking institution in Sri Lanka. As a commercial bank owned by the Sri Lankan government, People’s Bank provides satisfying services to its customers, including micro-banking and financing for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Entrepreneurs building businesses can benefit from the funding options available at People’s Bank.

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National Savings Bank (NSB)

06 National Savings Bank

NSB, founded in 1971, is a significant bank in Sri Lanka, established under the National Saving Banks Act No. 30. Initially managed by the government as a savings bank, NSB obtained licensed bank status in 1988, focusing on savings services and investment opportunities. NSB offers the best services to its customers, with an expanding product range and a growing national network.


07 DFCC Bank

DFCC Bank, founded in 1955, is easily accessible in Sri Lanka. As a pioneer in development finance, DFCC Bank holds the distinction of being one of the oldest banks in Asia. Initially focusing on financing, DFCC Bank has evolved into a full-fledged commercial bank, offering a wide range of products and services for easier financial management.

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These largest banks in Sri Lanka are available to serve you at any time, especially if you are currently located in the country. You can access and utilize their services for various financial needs with ease and comfort, making use of all the features and facilities they offer.

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