5 Largest Banks in China that are Most Influential for Business

5 Largest Banks in China that are Most Influential for Business

The largest banks in China have a significant influence in the country, especially for those residing in China for an extended period. Financial management remains crucial to maintaining stability.

5 Largest Banks in China that are Most Influential for Business

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Therefore, ensuring deposits in the best banks in the country is an important choice. Here are the five largest and most influential banks in China, offering options for deposit and investment:

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)

001 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

One of China’s largest banks is the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, commonly known as ICBC. Established in Beijing in 1984, ICBC is globally recognized and known for its vast assets, with 70% of them being government-owned. It has gained trust not only locally but also internationally.

China Construction Bank Corporation (CCBC)

002 China Construction Bank Corporation

Established in 1954, CCBC, headquartered in Beijing, is renowned for its excellent services, catering to both personal and corporate clients. Many companies trust CCBC for financial management, including retail and corporate sectors.

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Agricultural Bank of China (ABC)

003 Agricultural Bank of China

ABC, founded in 1951, offers improved services over time. It emerged from the merger of the Cooperation Bank and the Farmers Bank of China, focusing on providing banking services to farmers. With its expansion, ABC is now one of the Big Four banks in China.

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Bank of China (BOC)

004 Bank of China

BOC, established in 1912 in Beijing, is the oldest bank in China and was the first to issue legal tender in mainland China. With 70% of its assets owned by the government, BOC is a preferred choice for individuals and various companies, including retail sectors.

Bank of Communications (BOCOM)

005 Bank of Communications

BOCOM, founded in 1908, was the first national bank in China. It has expanded its services, enabling customers to transact not only in China but also internationally. With branches in various countries, BOCOM offers convenient banking services worldwide.

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These top banks in China serve as reliable options for individuals and businesses alike, providing extensive financial services across borders, ensuring convenient banking transactions anytime, anywhere.

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